DarkWatchers Nursery and Bedroom (Grapholina's SW Bedroom recolor)

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Uploaded: 31st Oct 2005 at 10:40 AM
Happy Halloween everyone! This set is a recolor of Grapholina's Southwest Bedroom plus some maxis originals to make a full nursery and bedroom set. You will need to follow the links to the meshes that she originally posted in order for this recolor to show up in your game. Also the floor rug which is a recolor of Echo's 3x4 floor rug.(thanks to them both for allowing recoloring).

The set includesall maxis objects)
Crib frame and bedding
change table
Mr bearly butts chair
teddy bear

Re color of Graholina's SW bed
2 sets of bedding
recolor of Grapholina's Armoire
recolor of Grapholina's endtable (as a night stand)
Bookcase (maxis - renaissance bookcase)
desk (tibetan desk - maxis)
desk chair - (dynasty dining chair - maxis)
Vanity (Cornerstone Veritable Vanity - maxis)
armchair (magnificent medevil armchair) I think you need university for this and the vanity to show.

Both rooms share:
the curtains (deluxe veil of dreams-maxis)
wall light (antebellum wall lamp-maxis)
table lamp( flickering mercenary table lamp - maxis)
wood wall panels (of which there are six)
1 floor covering
and the recolor of Echo's 3x4 rug

Please note that the decorative items in the pictures are not included they were used as props to make the rooms look more put together,just testing..
but if you would like any of them you can follow this link


to the Halloween post that LyricLee did a few days ago ( way cool of her it was a huge help!)
you can find everything I used from the links on that page;
Gargoyle and skeletons by : Gromit
Cauldrons, broom,Crystal ball, witche's tools, alchemy notes, all done by Lethe_s
and the cobwebs are by: Targa.
there.. I don't think I forgot anyone.. if I did sorry. it was not intentional.
Also you will need the CEP files for some of these things to show up.

Thanks to all who have made object creation and recoloring possible
Numenor,RGiles,Quaxi,; and MTS2 for giving us all a place to post for free(if you can think about making a donation) any little bit can help I'm sure. And as always thanks to my fellow download aholics, without whom there would be no reason to post at all. Enjoy