GunMod's Radiance Light System 2.1

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Uploaded: 5th Nov 2005 at 4:32 AM
Updated: 16th May 2009 at 10:18 AM by Numenor - Updated info and links
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Gunmod, the creator of the Radiance Light System, has quit modding long ago and therefore the development of the Radiance has been discontinued.
However, other people have continued GunMod's work, or have created alternative lighting systems.

Here are some useful links to various existing Light Systems (thanks Niol for collecting and providing them); the Radiance version 2.4 can also be installed automatically using the SCRIPTORIUM (old versions 2.1 to 2.3 can only be installed by hand).
  • Radiance Light System 2.1 by GunMod @ MTS2 (LINK)
  • Radiance Light System 2.2 BETA RC1 by GunMod & Chocolate Pi @ MTS2 (LINK)
  • GunMod's Radiance Light System 2.3 for all EP/SP by dDefinder @ MTS2 (LINK)
  • GunMod's Radiance Light System 2.4 for all EP/SP by dDefinder @ MTS2 (LINK)
  • Lighting Mod by spookymuffin @ InSIM (LINK)
  • Aaron's Ambiance Mod by stargazer @ GaySimsClub2 (LINK)

And here are some links about modding the lighting.txt game file:

If interested, please visit the provided links and read the instructions, specifications and compatibility of each mod from its own thread

(Original GunMod's post following)

Fixed light not traveling through arches. Thanks Daan1302
Fixed inside portal coloring. Was too colorful.
Fixed outside light spill. Objects light up more when near window with lamp/light.
Updated to Include all EP's
Auto installs for all EP's
Includes 4 Times of day for Downtown and University (if you have the EP)
This means you can party in the morning, daytime, evening and night.
So Nightlife isn't just "Night Life"

Included a manual install option for PC and MAC users. (seperate download)

Install Procedures:

Download or

For the auto install, extract the .exe file to a temp folder, run the exe, then during the install make sure the path is C:\Program Files\EA Games

For the manual install: Extract zip file into: C:\Program Files\EA Games
Allow it to overwrite

To Uninstall:

Extract to: C:\Program Files\EA Games
Allow it to overwrite.

Notes: Because a lot of the default lots use the broken Maxis Diffuser light,
you will want to go in and change the lighting esp. in Downtown lots in Nightlife.
Sorry about this, but it's not my fault Maxis chose to use the broken one

This was made for ENGLISH version installs of the Sims 2.

If you have a NON ENGLISH version of the Sims 2:
Extract the manual version to a temp folder.
Copy the lighting.txt file found in:
The Sims 2\TSData\Res\Lights

to [email protected]\TSData\Res\Lights

Where [email protected] is whatever The Sims 2 folder is called

Next copy the Lighting.txt and downtown_lots.txt files found in:
The Sims 2 Nightlife\TSData\Res\Lights

to [email protected]\TSData\Res\Lights

Where [email protected] is the folder you have for The Sims 2 Nightlife.
Note these are both in Program Files\EA Games

So make sure that if you own a NON ENGLISH version, that the install
program points to your Sims 2 folder.

Works with All or no Expansion Packs.
If you do not own Nightlife it will still create a harmless folder called:
C:\Program Files\EA Games\The Sims 2 Nightlife.
If you do NOT own Nightlife, this folder can be safely deleted after the install.

Do NOT use Smart Lights 2 with this!
THis version overwrites any previous version.