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Golden Christmas Forest Dining Set - Update 11-19-05

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Uploaded: 12th Nov 2005 at 6:16 PM
Updated: 13th Jun 2013 at 4:51 PM - Adding Yggdrasil's table mesh which is file share friendly and I had been given permission back in 2005 to repost the mesh.
Continuing with this set, here is the dining furniture. I recolored Yggdrasil's Tablecloth Centerpiece Dining Table because it is just gorgeous. I love her meshes, so be looking to see them in my future, as well as past sets. She is very talented and also very generous in making her meshes file-share-friendly. If you do not have this mesh, make sure that you get it via the following link.

11-19-05 Three new curtain recolors. Solid green tablecloth (ygg's mesh) per request. See the Bed, Bath & Beyond set for new lamp recolors.
I created a Collection for the Holiday Party Pack by Maxis. It has a gift icon. A screenshot is included below (the screenshot is a bit glitzy, but I wanted to show that it was for the holiday items. I think that I got my point across :santa: .). Everything should be in it except for the Halloween items, you can add these if you want.
11-16-05 fixed recolor of Gromit's Welsh Dresser - fixed bottom side of dresser (and doors). QA (me) was a little lax here.
11-15-05 recolor of Gromit's Welsh Dresser for this set. Make sure that you get the mesh if you do not have it.

Link to set that matches this set:
Golden Christmas Forest Bed, Bath & Beyond set

Links to meshes:
I have included the mesh to Yggdrasil's tables in the downloads below because the link at Sims 2 Friends is not working.. (Updated 13 June 13)
Welsh Dresser mesh by Gromit

The set includes:
- Dining chair
- 2 Highchairs (both dark and Maxis wood)
- Recolor of Ygg's table
- Chandelier
- Dark wood (dining chair) This file is in the complete dining zip and is offered as a separate file because I intend to use this wood again in future sets.

I made a dark wood to match the wing back chair's wood, the darker Maxis dining table, and just because it looks more formal. The highchair comes in two woods in order to give you a choice in wood color. The screenshots below show the chairs with both the Maxis table and Ygg's table. If you have a large family to invite over or just a lot of friends, you can slide two of Ygg's tables together to make one long table. I flipped one of the tables to give the centerpiece two different looks.

My recolor files are always "File-Share-Friendly" and must remain FREE for download (that means if they are included in a house that is posted on a paysite, then the house itself has to be a free download).

A big thanks to Yggdrasil for making the beautiful table mesh and to Gromit for the wonderful Welsh Dresser. And speaking of thanks, do not forget to click the Thank You button if you like this set. I love to read your comments and see the Thanked numbers go up.