"U CAN DO IT" Potty Recolors by xts

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Uploaded: 17th Nov 2005 at 5:17 AM
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"U CAN DO IT" Encouraging Potty Recolors

by xts

Originally Posted by xts
Here we have some encouraging pottys for your youngster sims! Just when they think they can't Doo anymore, they'll remember "U CAN DO IT" and will immediately be able to Doo some more! :D

This one has taken alot of time to organize due to the names each had. They are only recolors so they are found under the original toddler potty.
I hope you guys like it

5 Different Kinds

(If I haven't messed up while trying to organize the set, the names should be the right colors. If not, please let me know.)

(My apologies for horrible lighting)






All 5 pottys together

CEP3 RECOLOUR: you need the CEP3 in order use this recolour. (This image is outdated but the link will take you to the currently available cep!)

Credits:Thanks goes to MTS2, SimPe, MeshTool, UVMapper, CEP creators and updater, EA Games and a special thanks to the moderators for tolerating me and another special thanks to those whom appreciate my work.

Thank you guys
It's your appreciation that makes all this uploading worth it