New Mesh - Planets and Stars (Space isn't just for the Boys!)

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Uploaded 30th Nov 2005 at 9:55 AM

Howdy doody!

Another weirdo thing from me, lol...

I was thinking about stuff, as you do... and..... you know something? Space ISN'T just for boys.... so I made some pastel colours of planets and stars..... specially for us girlies (and/or boys that like them too, I'm not being sexist.....hehe!) Why? 'Cos I felt like it!

Now, don't get me wrong... I like space and planets as they are..... but I also like the fantasy world of Sims... and everything that people make, though EXCELLENT... is kinda too boy-ishy and realistic for some of my weirdo alien sims... and cos, like most girls I guess... I like soft colours.... so - if anyone else is interested... then my warmest welcome to Planet Cazkiwi - Population....errrr.... Probably only me !

Planet - F=3400 V=1765 (Highish I know, but it's all those circles!)
Small Star - F=16 V=21
Big Star - F=80 V=70

Oh, and a big kissy thank you to Alanyaangel of Simsistic for helping with the mesh for the Big Star... my first big star was whack, and this one is so much better!! Thank you my friend!

There's 3 colours, pink (meshes), yellow and skyblue - but ya'll welcome as usual to recolour to suit your own tastes :D