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Warlokk's Female BodyShape Variety Project - Teens Add-on

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Uploaded: 5th Dec 2005 at 5:27 AM
Updated: 10th Dec 2005 at 6:39 AM
Hello again all--

When I first created my prototype for the BodyShape Variety set over at InSIMinators, I had included meshes for both adults and teens in the skintone sets. Once I started creating my own meshes for the final project, I focused on the Adults, to get as much variety as I could. However, I always intended to go back and create some Teen transitional meshes, to allow a smoother growth into the larger womens sizes, instead of the abrubt ballooning we had before.

This set consists of 2 main elements. There is a Mesh and Clothing item for both the Teen Everyday Top and Bottom, which are a bit more curvy than the Maxis Teen defaults. These can be used straight "out of the box", and just plopped into your downloads directory and used as normal clothing items. They have default Maxis textures, I've only altered the meshes.

The rest of the set consists of the skintones. These are replacements for the ones in my main BodyShape Variety set for these sizes, using the latest versions of the skintones found there, but with one important addition: These also tie to the new Teen Large meshes shown here. I chose to only add the larger teen sizes to the largest of the adult sizes, i.e. the 36D and 38DD Tops, and the 38 Bottoms. The combinations are as follows:
34A-28-38 - Large Bottom
34B-28-38 - Large Bottom
34C-28-38 - Large Bottom
36D-28-34 - Large Top
36D-28-36 - Large Top
36D-28-38 - Large Top & Bottom
38DD-28-34 - Large Top
38DD-28-36 - Large Top
38DD-28-38 - Large Top & Bottom

Please note that these size changes will ONLY show when the Sim is truly Nude, i.e. in the shower, etc. Crammyboy's Nudist hack is a great way to test, as you can get them naked at will.

Also please note that these are not "natural" skintones, just like my original set... they are still the Maxis Tan "Barbie" tone. If you want to create a version with your favorite skintone, you can still do it through BodyShop, and the meshes will still work fine. See the original project thread if you need instructions for that, found here:

If you want to use these skintones, make sure you have installed the meshes from the BodyShape project or you'll get the "floating head" for adults when they shower.

The usual rules apply, you can do pretty much anything you want with these meshes/skins, just give me credit for the meshes, and don't put them on any pay sites... my girls need to be free! Just let me know if you post anywhere besides here, so I can take a look!

I've done a little bit of testing with these, but nothing I'd call "extensive", so let me know if anyone has problems. They're using the same technique as my original set however, so there shouldn't be any issues. Also, I'm not planning to do much in the way of clothes for these meshes, but there are quite a few Curvier Teen sets out there now that should work just fine, but I haven't done any comparisons or tried to make mine match anything else, so you'll have to experiment. However since these skins are mostly for the nudes, the clothed meshes don't have to be exact matches... we all look different with our clothes on than we do naked anyway If it turns out we desparately need more clothes to fit these meshes, I'll look into it.