Altered default NPC and townie names

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Uploaded: 12th Dec 2005 at 8:43 PM
Updated: 10th Aug 2007 at 1:35 PM - instructions edited.
This file changes the default list of names for townies and NPCs. It is mainly based on US Census data. It is enabled for both US and UK English (the lists are identical).

My source is these lists:

To install, just unzip anywhere in My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Downloads\ or a subfolder.

Existing townies and NPCs should not be affected, but any new townies or NPCs should now get better names.

Note that if you start a new neighbourhood, you will still get all the 'Goopy Gilscarbo' etc. names: this is because TS2 imports those names from the default neighbourhood always. To get around this, use the instructions given here to create a 100% clean neighbourhood.

This file only contains names which I thought were realistic names for a neighbourhood in a western European or American locale, mostly as taken from the US Census. So you won't see any 'Abhijeet Depiesse' any longer, and instead a 'David Miller' or 'Stanley West'. However by no means are all "non-European" names removed.

This file has been tested with TS2 and all expansions, and works with all of them without any problems whatsoever.

If you have Pets installed, I have an alternate mod which also modifies Pet names available.


Note: this is a resubmission from the ‘betternames’ mod I pulled a while back.

Since an "ingame screenshot" won't make much sense here I've added a screenshot of some randomly generated townies and downtownies from SimPE.