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Time Travel Career (with BobL custom reward object!) *Updated with custom clothing!*

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Uploaded: 14th Dec 2005 at 10:04 PM
Updated: 25th May 2006 at 8:55 PM
Greeting fellow modders and downloaders- lend me your ears (and your credit card details if you'd be so kind). Sorry I haven't uploaded much recently- my A level workload has increased four fold with upcoming modules in January, and... Oh, I doubt you want my life story... Let's get onto the career

First, a big thank you to fluid- fluid posted up this idea in about December of 2004, and it was such a good idea I decided to build on it and make it come to life
Second, another thanks goes to Boblishman, who needs no introduction. He very kindly allowed me to use his time-telling mantle clock as my reward object

OK, some details-

Pocket Watch Winder
History Textbook Eraser
Lab Assistant

Lab Assistant
Paradox Monitor
Time Machine Mechanic
Mission Debriefer
Temporal Physicist
Alternate Timeline Moderator
Time Cop
Project Leader
Status-quo Preserver

(Silly me, I've forgotten the last level yet again... )


Compatible with all EP's
All chance cards completed
Maxis carpools and uniforms (I'm still working on custom ones)
Boblishmans animated mantle clock as the reward at level 6
Well wouldn't you know? A time vortex suddenly appeared and dropped in a teen career!
Retirement clock as the career icon
Unique guids, so it won't overwrite any careers

Reward Notes-
Works with all EP's
Appears at level 6
Will not clash with Boblishmans original object (I changed the guid)
As I am using someone else's object, please do not put this career or object on any other site (especially a pay site) Thank you

Enjoy, and remember- never drink and warp through the space-time continuum!

*** Update! ***

Time Travel has recieved a makeover! The makeover has sorted out the following things-

*A couple of spelling mistakes people have pointed out
*It's been made available for all languages!. English only, but it's an improvement I hope
* I couldn't resist- it has custom outfits for level 10! They can be seen below, and were created by SixStringSlim. Both outfits are included.
Male Uniform
Female Uniform
As you can see, my sims enjoyed testing them for me

To reinstall, just place all the files in your downloads folder- they will overwrite the old files fine