Dancing with Fitness and Body Skilling (Updated 3/17/2007)

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Uploaded 20th Dec 2005 at 7:33 AM · Updated 18th Mar 2007 at 12:16 AM by syberspunk : fixed minor bug

Dance Fitness and Body Skilling v1.03 for TS2PETS v1.0p0
Made by: syberspunk

Note: 3/16/2006

A version for the base game ONLY is now available. However, since there is no Goofy dancing in the base game, ALL sims will benefit from this hack, regardless of dance skill/experience. I am too lazy to delve into trying to figure out if there is a way to separate skill. I would prefer not to put any more effort Therefore, this hack is provided "as-is" and the only support I will provide will be in the sense of troubleshooting any errors. There are no further plans to modify this base game version in any way.

Note: Again, posting here since some people may not want to bother heading over to MTS2. Enjoy! ;D

As requested over at MATY this hack allow sims to build body skill AND fitness while dancing.

This is a global hack that affects all stereos, instruments, the DJ Booth, the Karaoke Machine, and Cars!!! Your sims should be able to gain body skill and increased fitness while dancing Solo or dancing together!

To balance this skill gaining, I have also added slight and increased motive decay to Energy, Comfort, Hunger, and Hygiene. Also, the skill gain should pretty much be the same speed as the Work Out interaction with Stereos. So, you will gain body skill, but it will be fairly slow.

Sims with higher dancing skill will have a faster motive decay when it comes to Energy, Hunger, and Hygiene, but a slightly slower decay when it comes to Comfort and a slightly bigger boost when it comes to fun.

This hack will NOT affect Goofy dancing, Slow dancing, OR the Smustle. Look for a future update to the Skillinator mod by J.M. Pescado over at MATY with regards to the Smustle.

NOTE: Your sim requires a little bit of dancing skill BEFORE they can actually gain any body skills or increased fitness when dancing solo. If your sim does not have enough skill yet, then they won't benefit from this hack yet. But... once they've gained enough dancing skill, you should see them start to gain body skill and fitness as well!

These MUST be in your Downloads folder, typically found under:

C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\My Documents\EA GAMES\The Sims 2\Downloads

This definately works in Nightlife. This might also work in Uni and the base game. Despite overriding BHAVs on objects that are specific to Uni and NL, if those objects don't exist in your game, it should be harmless (i.e. nothing "bad" should happen since those objects like the instruments and the car don't exist in your EP-less game). Please report back if you do have a problem.

I have tested this in my game and it appears to work fine.

This hack is compatible with most, if not all mods by MATY crew (Pescado, TJ, and CBoy), dizzy, and probably more. Again, up to you to help me determine any possible conflicts.

REMINDER and fine print (to cover my ass ) :
Remember to ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR DATA BEFORE INSTALLING NEW HACKS. By using this hack, you agree to absolve me of any responsibility or liability for any potential loss of or damage to your data. You have been warned.

HOW TO REPORT: Conflicts, problems, or errors
I would appreciate any constructive criticism and feedback that is actually helpful. With that in mind, it would be helpful, when reporting any conflicts or issues, that you include the following:

1) thorough but reasonably brief description of what you were doing
2) clear, comprehendible explanation of your problem
3) list of hacks that may be related to dancing, stereos, instruments, the djbooth, karaoke, or the car
4) archived (.rar or .zip) of log produced by error

Posts which do not include a clear description of what your problem is will be pretty much ignored. (i.e. posts such as "This does not work! I am taking it out! You suck! Nice try! etc.") I can't and won't help you if you don't explain what's wrong.

Please be nice when trying to explain your problem and I might be nice and help you.

:grouphug: Finally, my Thank Yous go to:

baratron for the request over at MATY. J.M. Pescado, twojeffs, dizzy2, and jase439 for being excellent tutors and providing excellent models in their mods. As always, thanks to those creators who've put out some excellent modding tutorials, Quaxi and co for SimPE, and dizzy2 for disaSim2, and the finally letters T and S, and the number 2, all of whom, without which this mod would not be possible.

If I left anyone out, I apologize in advance. You know who you are and you deserve my thanks.

Version History:
v0.10 - Compatible version made for base game only
v1.01 - Minor Update for OFB that allows Sims to Watch dancing
v1.02 - Pets compatible version available
v1.03 - Fixed minor bug with Invalid Constant

Tags: #dance, #fitness, #body, #skilling