Elven Bedroom Set *updated 26/12/05*

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Uploaded: 24th Dec 2005 at 8:21 PM
Updated: 9th Jul 2006 at 9:39 AM
happy, merry and all that,
here's my holiday gift to you all,
a second little set of elven furniture, this time a bedroom
find the Dining Set here
and the core elven things (doors, windows, throne) here

The Info

All made with Blender, UV-Mapper, SimPE 0.52, Mesh Tool and PSP
English catalog entries for everyone.
Little warning, some of these are pretty heavy on the polygons, though I feel I've kept things reasonable. If you have a very slow machine, don't plaster every tile of your house with these
You're free to recolour, hack, fiddle with these, but don't steal the graphics, and don't upload the mesh without my permission.
My greatest thanks to Tiggerypum, who helped test some of these.:wave:

Update: Due to recent discoveries in anti-aliasing (by Tig) I've updated the elven bed. Ok, so Tig found a glitch and even fixed it for me All credit goes to her. The new one is nicely clear and crisp. So please redownload. You only need the new-elfbed package, and it'll overwrite the old one. Thank you again, Tiggerypum, you are a genius :valentine

The Elven Bed
This work in All versions of the game.

The Bed
Big double Art Nouveau bed.
Poly's: 1128

The End Table and Candles
These items work in All versions of the game.

End Table
Little end table, same design as the dining table.
Poly's: 1308

Floor Lamp
These lamps animated candles, but work even without Uni (yay!).
The three candles are linked, so be sure to install this floor lamp for the others to work properly
Poly's: 848

Table Lamp
Linked to the Floor Lamp
Poly's: 480

Wall Candle
Also linked to the Floor Lamp
Poly's: 1214 (but god, it's worth it)

The Elven Set recolours
All items are recolorable so I included a black cast iron version of everything.
And some recolors of the candles. They come in Soft Cream, Haven Grey, Sky Blue and Old Pink.

The Dresser
A clothing rack that was cloned from the lockers.
You'll need Uni for this.
Poly's: 1572
The package comes with a cast iron recolour for the rack.


pic of the new, improved bed.

Final note: The bedding in the pics is not mine. The black one is made by Tiggerypum and the gold one by Luthien.
There ya go, enjoy!

Even more Final note: Find a single version of the bed and lots more in the Elven Teen Bedroom Set here.