**New Mesh** Decorative Halfpipe (Skateboarding Ramp)

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Uploaded 29th Dec 2005 at 3:55 AM

Hi everyone. Here is a halfpipe, or skateboarding ramp, for your Sims. It is decorative only. The effect in the screenshot is generated by the moveObjects on cheat and a camera angle. The object should work with all games as I cloned the "12th Century Song Dynasty Vase." The object costs $1000. It is under Function/Decorative/Sculptures.
- Wooden Halfpipe (Mesh)
- Concrete Halfpipe (Recolor)
- http://www.tinypic.com/view/?pic=ja9b83 (Another pic of the Wooden halfpipe)
Polys: 360 Verts: 236

Policy: You may upload your recolors to any site as long as it isn't a pay site. Please tell me if your recolors are going to be hosted on another site. Do not include a mesh file in the upload but link to this thread.