DIY Law Career Overrides

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Uploaded: 1st Jan 2006 at 8:48 AM
Updated: 1st Jan 2006 at 8:59 AM
Current Version: 1a


Version 1a has seperated and the outfits used for all levels of the Law Enforcement Career.There is no direct change to defaults in this file, you will have to make those yourself

This file is not so much a hack as it is seperating the files associated with a certain aspect so that these files can be changed by nearly anyone as they see fit. This reasoning behind this is because while many people may want something changed, there is no one way to change it to everyone's liking. It also serves as a tutorial of sorts so that less experienced people can become comfortable with making changes that won't totally screw up their game. It makes it easier for skinners to create default replacements featuring their own work for distribution.


BusinessLowSuitOverride is used for both Law Enforcement, Business and Politics Career. Any change to this file will affect them as well.

PoliceNPCoverride controls the outfit used by the police NPCs in game, This can be different from the one you assign for PoliceJobOverride.NPCs already in your hood may need to have their outfits refreshed (or their file deleted) in order for changes to show.

You may not directly alter the package, but can use it as a template for creating your own. You must include all files in this archive along with any package that uses it. You may not create a file based on this package and redistribute with someone elses work without their permission. You may create a file based on this package and redistribute with your own work. You may only distribute this on a pay site if it applies to the above. If you do not plan on distributing then you may do whatever you want with this package.

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