Saddle-horse "Thunder"-Now with Custom Sound

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Uploaded: 8th Jan 2006 at 7:12 PM
Updated: 16th Sep 2009 at 3:24 PM by -Maylin-
For knights, burglars, riders, farmers, fairies, princesses, princes and others:

Saddle-horse "Thunder"!

Update with Custom Sound (June 2007; Feb 2009)

Some of you requested a "horse-car". I tried and it was another chapter of my book of experiences in making objects. It was also the next step to my object which is in my mind for a long time.

Please keep in mind that this is and will be a clone of a car!
If you don't mind you surely will accept the disadvantages and use it with fun. Animations are not yet possible! - Although I found, as it is a clone of the hatchback, that it moves a little bit stubborn. In this case an advantage.
Thanks for your interest.

As already said in other uploads: Don't expect splended texturing - I don't have enough skills to do it better. I'm happy to see the objects in the game - working. Maybe some day I can do it better but till then I still do my very best.

This object needs Nightlife! It is colour-enabled. After installation you can find it under the carcollection.

Statistics: faces - 3127; vertices - 1570

This horse - made by myself because I didn't want to hurt anybody's rights - belongs to the same breed like the others in front of the carts I made. The breeder told me it would be very useful for any purpose as long as it had not to move too much!

This is a clone of the Maxis original hatchback that is buyable in the game.
It is tested in an unhacked game. All functions of the original car seem to be available and work. That means also some strange animations like mounting the horse, upcoming windows in some scenario, noise of a motor are normal. Don't be surprised!

If you are interested in my horse use it like you want. If you find any faults please give us a warning. Though I get better in doing simsobjects I doubt to be able to fix it. But it would be useful for others and maybe we find somebody who could help.

If you think the object is useless or too bad don't download!!!

This is the only site I uploaded the object and it should remain the only site for it!

Installation: copy the package-file (within the zip-file) to your downloadfolder or in a subfolder of it. To get rid of it just delete the file.

I hope all of you who asked for this object will have fun. All the others who would say it's childish should have a look on the hundreds of "dreamcars" and should think about why they are playing The Sims.

I like the horse-theme and surely it's not the last object with horses.
Much fun with it!


Update (July 2006) as requested:

Filename: update_saddle_horse.rar
Content see picture!

Very often I was asked in PMs to make recolours for this horse. Finally I finished them. This gave me the opportunity to do it a little bit better than in my beginning of making objects. At the same time I changed the animations of getting on the horse (not more!). As it is the same file name of the package you will overwrite the old version and get the changes by installing from the .rar-file.
Installation: unpack the .rar-file to your download folder and it's done. The content of the file is shown in the picture "Recolours.jpg".
Have fun with the different colours of the horse.

Remark: The horse works with installed Pets!


Update (June 2007)

The latest version without light and changed sound will overwrite the old file and install the needed sound packages when you extract the file
to your downloads folder or if you use a subfolder for it.

Update (Feb 2009)
This update is compatible with Numenor's 'Drivable Cars Without Nightlife' add-on
Some smaller fixes



Thanks to Shaklin for sharing her knowledge and help with custom sound!
Thanks to Quaxi and SimPE Thanks to Numenor, RGiles, Quaxi for CEP Thanks to Maxis for the game and the original object

Tutorials and comments that I used and/or which were very useful for me:

J. Woods: The Sims 2 Start to Finish Object Creation Tutorial (
Numenor: The Resource Node (CRES) (
Numenor: Understanding UV-Mapping (
Willem81: How to create nightlife Cars (

Thank you very much!