#3 Lover's Leap Lane

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Uploaded 13th Jan 2006 at 8:20 PM

(So named because the street ends in a sheer cliff!)

My first offering to the Sims community

Time to move Grandma out of the ancestral home? Have a Sim who's just starting out? Does your maiden Auntie need space for her flower garden? Want a cute little house with simoleans to spare? Then this is the house for you! Just cross the bridge to the house of your dreams...

At just over 16,000 simoleans, this house offers privacy, skill building, and not a lot of landscaping. (We all have our weak points!) It's been run through Clean Installer, has Maxis content only (no custom items) and requires University.

And if you're curious about why the stream runs off the property...it continues on the lot next door!