Medieval/Peasant style minifridge & counters with burlap curtains

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Uploaded 17th Jan 2006 at 4:26 AM

It's cool having a medieval setting for your Sims but some modern necessities just "clash" too much. So I recolored the "mmm-minifridge" from Uni and added a "Kramft" countertop and even a pair of "Stewart mourning" curtains. The fridge and counters look like worn wooden crates (in fact, they match the "Smitty's Distressed floorboards" floor to a tee!) and the curtains look like burlap from a potato sack and some scrap plaid fabric.

I thought they'd make a nice addition to a peasant home. Look for more stuff to come.

*Tablecloth not ready yet. I don't like it enough, I want to make some changes first.