Bella & Mortimer *Animated* Snow Globe

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Uploaded 18th Jan 2006 at 6:33 PM · Updated 19th Jan 2006 at 11:46 PM by Numenor


By Numenor - DO NOT CLONE - Visit for full Copyright Policy

This object is an evolution of my Maxis 'Lost & Found' #12 (that is just a simple, static, broken globe).

  • Breakable object: once bought from the catalog, this Snow Globe is "new" (not broken), but it will break up after it has been used several times. When it breaks up, it can be repaired, but obviously the glass will show the marks of the breakings If you want a brand new look, you need to but a brand new one :D
  • Embedded custom light: this snow globe contains an embedded light that will turn automatically on and off when an interaction occurs; the light can also be manually turned on/off; needless to say, the light works as long as the globe isnot broken...
  • Animated snow: the snow inside the globe will animate every time a Sim interacts with it, or if you manually "Switch On" the globe.
  • Interactions available: the Sims can either Admire the globe or [/B]Mourn[/B] Bella.

When you click on the Snow Globe, you will see, depending on the state of the object, the following Pie Menu options: Switch On, Switch Off, Admire, Mourn and Repair; just like many other objects of mine, the interactions are available only if needed: you can't Switch On the globe if it is already On, or it is broken; you can't Repair it if it's not broken, and so on...

Extract the package from the archive and put it in your Downloads folder; no further action is required (in particular, there is no additional file for the light definition to be put in the "CEP3_CustomLights" foder).
Delete the package from the Downloads to uninstall.

Please note that:
1) the Snow Globe has its own GUID (different than the Maxis Lost & Found one);
2) thought it has a light, it is a decorative object: you can find it in the "Sculptures" section, at a price of only §15 (a bargain! )
3) the mesh is composed by 1282 faces / 1063 vertices: it's not a very low value, but blame Maxis, that created the major part of the mesh
4) this object will work with any game configuration.

Maxis - For the original mesh and the Bella&Mort texture
Real and Asdf - For their support and valuable input
Numenor (that's me! - For the light, the animated graphics, the interactions and anything else

Please report any bug you might find in this object.