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1211 Odd Lane (fully furnished)

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Uploaded: 21st Jan 2006 at 12:46 AM
Updated: 26th Aug 2006 at 9:21 PM - Corrected Category
G'day folks- another lot to present today, only this time it's a residential lot. Coming in at $115,000, fully furnished, it's a perfect house for rich kids with too much time on their hands (It's EP ready, so you can have it with only TS2 installed )

I'll hand you over to my estate agent to guide you round...

"Hi guys! My name's Laurence Pope, an estate agent employed by SuperFly industries. It's not a bad job- one of my mates is stuck in an open lot testing all his weird careers..."

"Let's start outside- the garden has a water slide leading into a shaded pool- don't mind me taking a dip do you?"

"Now I'm towled off, let's take a look inside with the kitchen. Lovely views of the garden, and... and is that the smell of freshly baked cookies?!"

"**Munch munch**, oh, let me just finish *gulp* That's better. This is the games room, and let me tell you that those machines sure take it out of you..."

"Upstairs into the lounge- nicely furnished, beautiful lighting and woh! Nice TV!"

"Up to the bathroom- start of the art shower and bath- I sure could use one right about now.."

"The bedroom- I think I might just take a lie down... What do you mean I can't sleep on the job? Get on with it? Curse you SuperFly- give me a break here!"

"Finally we have the viewing roof and hot tub. SuperFly tells me the protective glass is made by some guy called Numenor- looks good to me! Anyways, we've reached the end of the tour- I'm taking a well deserved dip in this tub- cya!"

Mmmm... I think I might give my guy a rise

Custom Content

A bit of custom content in this house-

Targa's "Ascension" Stairs Included

imac G4 and Samsung HDTV by Brasstex Included

Numenor's Glass Wall set and Artemide "Chimera" Both these files have specific instillation instructions, and so are Not included

Water tiles and flooring by Jonesi Included

last but not least, exnem's Crystal Showers Not included