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Corner Bath and Shower Unit - NOW FULLY working 2011

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Uploaded: 22nd Jan 2006 at 12:55 AM
Updated: 5th Sep 2011 at 11:14 AM
Corner Bath and Shower Unit - Pro - Bathtub Works.

New update 2011 june Enjoy working shower and bath
Download both as old one has colour pack inside... Happy Sim's ....

And thank you all so so much for all the wonderful comments, since iv been gone very warming..HUGS

Pick you self up of the floor and sit back down, Stop pinching yourself and rubbing your eyes. NO your not dreaming this is Real!

I’ve been do this all week, I've add glass textures to the original corner bathtub package and created a NEW Model (Mesh) unlike any other Sims 2 bathroom units. I’ve also done the water animation textures again to make it better, and I have removed un-need code and mesh parts form the package. Plus hole lots more, days and days of work. But the result is nothing less than spectacular.

This supreme unit will add class to any bathroom making the environment more welcoming, even the smallest of bathrooms.

The Bath and shower Professional model features heated glass with built in micro wires that emit a negative electronic charge repealing water so you will never have to worry about fogged up glass again. The Power plus adjustable Water jets will relax you like never before whilst cleaning you at the same time, and if you still want more its fitted with a heated tub ensuring that the water never get cold no mater how long you in there. Yes and there’s still more the Bubble master 2006 mixes the bubble bath mix automatically so you won’t have to worry about the waters PH levels and be massaged by the Vibration system which gently vibrates the tub whilst you relax giving you that perfect gentle massage.

Thanks to FatD and his corner tub its possible to do a bath that can be placed in the corner without cheats, and he's gracious enough to allow other to clone his master piece so we can expand on this range. THANKS FATD...

Comes in wide range of colours: Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, White, Peach, Pink, Black.
Mix and match the glasses with the bases. Green w Yellows Glass, Pink w Purple Glass etc

EP Ready - Yes :howdy:

Colour Enable - Yes :howdy:

Poly Count:
- 7,404

Note: This may not happen for all of you but the catalogue Icon in the game may have blue glass for the design tool. I’m trying to work out what is doing this.

I love to be thanked and love to hear what you think so please post.

Use's My Owen unique GUID, if you have a conflict tell me.

Please Don't Steal my work.
Don't post my work on any website's without my permission.
You May Recolour this. But the recolour must stay on this web site unless I have given other permission.
The Base object may be cloned but don't use this Mesh (Model).
I Give my Permission to use the texture is this file for Re-colours.


The object needs to be extracted form the download with a zip extraction tool such as ALzip.

If you don’t have a rar or zip extractor, for a free unzip tool (ALzip) go to.


Extracted Content to be place in
C:\Documents and Settings\****\My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Downloads

This zip file also contains a Read Me Documentation file in pdf format. This may help some of you.