23 Tokyo Mew Mew Bed Covers!! *whew!*

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Uploaded 29th Jan 2006 at 6:59 PM · Updated 5th Jun 2009 at 9:24 AM by -Maylin-

alright!! I saw a request on one of my uplaods for some tokyo mew mew stuff, so here I am, 23 bed sheets later! I am in the process of making an entire TMM bedroom, and i have currently finished these beds and a lot of wall hangings, wich i will put up a link for as soon as I upload them, wich will thake a while, seein as i got 23 bed here!!

in image number 4, 12, and 35 have mew pudding, mew zakuro, and mini mew written accross the top! its cute.

INSTALLATION: click download and save them into my documents/ea games/the sims2/downloads

please give me credit and a link here if you wish to upload any of my creations any where else!!!!

okey dokey, we are totally in busniss here! we got mew mint, lettuce, zakuro, pudding, ichigo, mark(im sorry i only rember the name from the anime and elliot and wesly and kish! oh yes and berry too.

please post and tell me what you think! or if you have arequest, i'll try to work on it! oh and one more thing, i have made quite a few requests on the boards, and if anyone could help me out there, i'd be ever so grateful! toodles! ^^

Style: Childrens
Room: Bedroom
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable