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Wedgewood Winter Birds

6,414 Downloads 186 Thanks  Thanks 5 Favourited 17,823 Views
Uploaded: 31st Jan 2006 at 10:11 PM
Updated: 13th Jun 2013 at 4:15 PM - Adding Yggdrasil's towel mesh.
The Wedgewood Winter Birds set sports two of my favorite birds, the beautiful cardinals and the adorable chickadees. Chickadees are cute, fun-loving, fearless little birds and I never grow tired of watching them flitting around. Besides the colorful birds, this set is just oozing with calm, relaxing colors. What more can I say; I love this set.

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Wedgewood Winter Birds Dining Set

Meshes (get these if you do not already have them):
Echo rug meshes here at MTS2
Echo's site for rug meshes
Find Ygg's Towel Mesh in the downloads below.

Set Contains:
- Bedding
- Bed Curtains (EP1 Only)
- Sofa and Wingback Chair
- Curtains
- Lamps
- Rugs (mesh by Echo)
- Towel Racks (mesh by Yggdrasil)
- Shower Curtain
- Expensive Shower
- Walls & Floors
- Collection Object - be sure to put it in the Collections folder not the Downloads folder zip files for the different color choice items will contain the shower, towels, walls and floors for the color. This just seemed the most logical solution to avoid having umpteen million zip files .

This set is all about choices. There are three bedding options. Walls and floors come in five colors plus wallpaper. The decorative tile border on the tile walls appears above kitchen counters so you can take this theme into the kitchen as well. Bath towels come in five colors to coordinate with the walls & floors. Feel free to mix and match. Rugs are in both vertical and horizontal alignments because of the directional print. The sofa and wingback chair come in both print and blue (muted print). And there is a large variety of lamps and curtains. This set has plenty to keep you busy creating rooms with different moods, look and feel throughout your neighborhood.

I created a collection object for this set to make life a little easier. The icon has two little chickadees. Shortcuts to the towels, rugs, walls and floors are included in it. It will still work even if you do not download all of the color options for walls and floors. PUT COLLECTION OBJECT IN THE COLLECTIONS FOLDER not the Downloads folder.

During the course of this year, I will be adding more to this set, as well as to the Wine Garden set. If you want to be notified of updates and new sets that I create, please PM or e-mail me with your e-mail address and I will include you in my mailing list.

The only item in this set that requires University (EP1) is the Bed Curtains (poster bed).

My recolor files are always "File-Share-Friendly" and must remain FREE for download (that means if they are included in a house that is posted on a paysite, then the house itself has to be a free download).

A big thanks to Echo for making the rug meshes and Yggdrasil for making the towel rack mesh. And speaking of thanks, do not forget to click the Thank You button if you like this set. I love to read comments and see the Thanked numbers go up.

With all of that said, I hope that you like the set (I certainly do). Enjoy!