Right Leg Plaster - (WATCH THEM LIMP!) *All Ages/Both Sexes*

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Uploaded: 31st Jan 2006 at 11:39 PM
Updated: 6th Jan 2018 at 4:26 PM

This can be found in the (relevant Age/Sex) Everyday - 'bottom' section of clothing...(so you can choose whatever top you like!)

***** 6th Feb 2006 *****


.....all done! ....click my avatar to find further/previous releases in this set....


Ok guys, we've broken BOTH of their arms ... now it's time for their legs!

This is, this time, instead of it being an accessory mesh, it's a clothing mesh.

(The reason I did it this way was because I wanted to make them walk as if their leg WAS in plaster....and clothing was the only option...)

This is a pair of jeans , complete with right leg plaster. What's really neat is the animations.... they are just SO funny... :laugh:

This mesh prevents them from bending their right leg....so all their walking, sitting and, well, everything(:omg: ) on is done with a straight leg (in plaster!). I have tested it quite extensively....and the best Sim animation is them walking DOWN stairs....it's just SO real...as though they really are wearing a cast!....the children on swings is cool too!!....

The cast WILL stay on if he/she get's fat... , but remember, its a clothing mesh, so it will dissapear when they change clothes and they will walk normally again...

This is NOT a hack....it's simply a CLOTHING mesh....


This is fully recolourable using Body Shop (which comes with your game).... so please dont ask me to do any recolours... it will take you two minutes to make a 'plain' one or one with your own 'Sim' writing...


I am planning to do a complete set (all ages and sexes)...but I was so pleased with this first one that I decided to let you all test it and report any 'strange' issues with animations. ...(actually, there shouldn't be any problems.... just funny situations which I'm sure I haven't seen yet...please let me know!!). Please don't post requests for certain outfits/ages/sexes.... they will all get one....eventually)


Polygon Count = same as Maxis mesh (ambodybottompants)

This RIGHT Arm Cast (Accessory) can be found HERE....

The LEFT Arm Cast (Accessory) can be found HERE



('Thanks' and 'stars' always encourage me to make more... )

Recolours: Feel free to post here. Do not include the original mesh file in your recolours, .... please put a link back to here.

Please do not clone or put on pay/donation sites