Misgiff(A new Fairy by Blue!._.! Again no expansions needed! Well I don't think...)

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Uploaded: 1st Feb 2006 at 6:43 AM
Updated: 16th Jul 2007 at 2:30 AM
Hello again everyone this is a new Fairy Sim! No expansions needed! Because I know not everyone has them! :o) IF YOU LIKE AT ALL OR EVEN DL MY SIM! PLEASE LET ME KNOW YOU LIKED IT ENOUGH TO DL BY PRESSING THE THANX BUTTON OR LEAVING A POST :MOOSE: Because not even knows about it.... :moose: I use this to grade my sims an see which one is the most popular so I can figure out which type to make my next one... So please take a minute to rate my sims by pressing that button or leaving a note. :o) They are both greatly appricated... :o) OKAY! On to my new lady! This is Misgiff :moose: I think she is a very pretty lady and all custome content is recolored or made by me.... So I would like to thank everyone that I will list for their mesh donations! They are very wounderful meshes or layouts and I really appriciate being able to use them!!!!! :o)
Hair(Mesh needed):http://www.xmsims.com/sims2/ehtm/hair/hair09.htm
Top:http://www.modthesims2.com/showthread.php?p=974748 (all credit for layout goes here... I only recolored and rearanged some color...)
Wings(Mesh needed):http://www.sapphiresims2.com/portal...oad&cid=227#cat (Meshes at SS2 are done by letter w/ #'s and this one is Mesh A005 and you have to have it for wings to work!)
Skirt: Maxis Mesh be relayed out by me... If you wish to recolor or use it for anything please let me know... (although I doubt you will but just in case :o) I like to see my stuff get used :oD)
Ears: http://louis.new21.net/ (I don't know why the sight isn't working just copy an paste :moose
Okay! If you like this sim please feel more then free to check out my other sims! And to grade those as well :o). All the sims in my pictures are included in my profile. :o) And again please either hit that little thanx button or leave me a note to tell me what you think of my sim.... I really enjoy any feedback I get! :moose: AND! As always! :moose: Thank you for looking &/ DL my sims. :o)Also check out Pek he will be in some of the pictures! He's my newest cutest guy! :o) So I hope everyone enjoys!