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My avatar Sim as requested by fake angel

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Uploaded: 1st Feb 2006 at 4:24 PM
Updated: 1st Apr 2006 at 1:35 PM by angel f
Finally, my first upload to MTS2, yay! I've downloaded so much REALLY great stuff from here and now I got the encouragement to give a little something back to the community (thanks to fake angel).

So this is Darla. Originally she was a Sim I merely created to have more beautiful looking Sims running around my neighborhood instead of just the butt ugly Maxis Sims. But then she lured me into playing her with her charms. She's a very friendly person to be around. She also loves music very much, she likes to spend most of her free time at the piano. Or singing karaoke. Sometimes she forgets about her chores around the house when she's so caught up in the music. But who can blame her, I'm not.

I changed her a bit though, due to having troubles finding out all the custom content. So I replaced some of the custom content with Maxis content. She'll surely looks even better, when you posh her up a bit with make up from, say, Helaene.

Included custom content:
The hair is from Guppy Sims
Everything else included, like eyes, skintone is from the Exchange (I hope this counts as reference, cos I couldn't possibly track down the files).

Not included custom content:
The very hot dress Darla's wearing on the pics is from Artemista's site. It's by the Guestskinner Morbidjunkie 9 and is called "Naked Birthday"

I hope you enjoy her and say thanks for the download (there's this nice little button below the download link that is such a quick, easy way to say thank you *gg*). Oh, and if you happen to stumble upon some very awkward phrasing in this post, it's cos I'm German and only trying to do my best, so please forgive that. Doesn't hurt to point out major mistakes to me, though. :D