Venom nemesis of Spiderman

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Uploaded: 4th Feb 2006 at 7:38 PM
Updated: 5th Feb 2006 at 7:42 PM - needed closer snapshot
Ok this is my first post I figure I'ld try putting in one of my creation since i have got so many great creations from this site. So here he is in full genetics Venom I look all over for a venom and couldn't ever find one so I had to make him myself ....whew... He didn't turn out to bad after finding some meshes and genetics that i could use to creat him.

his muscles come from...
Bodybuilder mesh, or Beosboxboy by Ju - UPDATED 27-08-05: FIXED FILES

and I used a drow genetics as a canvas found..

and pure white eyes come from a charater found...

To create Venom the way Venom could have eatin spiderman's brain so many times... I also made a Carnage sim but first comes Venom. well I hope I did this right for my first post. glad to be a part of a great sightt for The Sims 2.... Thanks

Oh yeah it's a whole Venom genetics I've created but I don't think the baby venoms come out right haven't quite figured that out yet but the rest work fine.