*two New* 2 Story Door Meshes - Versailles Collection

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Uploaded 11th Feb 2006 at 10:23 AM

Hi everyone!

Well, these are finally done! These 2 story doors were a “bit” of a challenge, but I finally figured them out. These are part of what I am calling the “Versailles” collection. I have seen so many beautiful homes and castles and palaces out there, and thought it might be nice to have some different doors, and there have been a lot of requests for some new 2 story doors also. I have tested these doors out in my game (poor Sims, must think I’m mad, making them walk in and out of doors all day!), and they work great.

I have NOT included ALL pictures of the re-colors as there are a few of them, but that just makes it more of a surprise! The doors for each mesh are the same, and they can be mixed around with the different frames.


- You do need University Expansion for these doors to work.
- As with the Maxis doors, these door DO NOT work on diagonal walls.
- You may notice from time to time that the Sims may walk through part of the door if they are coming through the door and turning. I tested this with the Maxis 2 story door, and it happens with those also.
- Each door has it’s own unique GUID’s (there are actually 25 GUID’s for each door!)
- You can recolor these doors, but the meshes may not be uploaded to another website, group, or forum. Please link back to this thread with proper credits.

As part of the “Versailles” collection, you can expect to see more 2 story doors, arches, and windows. I have a set of 2 two story windows that should be hitting the forum in the next few days, including window coverings.

Let me know if you have any troubles with the files.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy them!!
See you soon.