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Moi's recolours for Numenor's Wall-windows 20070312 update (Wall-boundry, wall-window

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Uploaded 16th Feb 2006 at 1:30 AM · Updated 11th May 2007 at 2:32 PM by niol : more to add...

Finally, I really put my heart to learn some recolouring skills as I need some recolours so badly... :bandit

A. Credits:
1, Numenor; for his wondeful and brilliant wall-window set increasing many different types of possibilities. Also, thanks a lot for his instructions and directions...
2. Maxis; for its some well made textures and some nice features...

B. Copyright Issues:
B1a. For normal recolours, feel free to modify the parts I've done... (you can only claim credits for what you've done on it, yet no need to mention me unless you feel like so.).
B1b. For clone-recolour(s), feel free to clone the parts I've done only with your custom guid ID(s)... (you can only claim credits for what you've done on it, yet no need to mention me unless you feel like so.).
B2. These textures and these recolours I made are banned to be for any direct or indirect commercial or trading usage.)
B3. No permission is necessary for redistribution of these textures and these recolours I made with proper instruction like this page unless stated.
B4. No re-naming except me .

The first recolours I've made are for Numenor's Wall-window set's wall-boundries. I've not seen one recolour set for them linked to the mesh thread yet, so I decided to take them as my first try..
Anyway, in this recolour set, they're all monotonous with the following RGB definitions.
Black-white gradient:
dark-brown to light-brown gradient:

Update (24th Feb, 06)
My first semi-transparent metallic recolour of wall-windows is finally done. View the attached pix.
Update (27th Feb, 06)
2 more are done.

New Update (12th Mar, 06)
A set of silvery-framed recolours for a variety of usage, but I'm indecisive whether to make a non-framed one for further flexibility.
to check out how they can be used, check out this download

New Update (19th Mar, 06)
a set of 4 framed spectrum-based recolours...^_^

New Update (24th Apr, 2006)
(The reddish ones)
(The blue-cyanish one)
(an animated lightning recolour) Use coloured lights to get different lightning colours... Ideally used in the dark though.
Made them >45 days, but forgot to release...

***New Update*** (29th Jul, 2006)
Silver and gold recolours for wall-boundries (in-wallwindow frames!) (recently made)
Numenor_WallWindow_WallBoundary_Moi_inWallFrame-Au-n (it borrows texture from the Ag one.., so stick the two together for redistribution...)
silverily-framed green recolour for the whole set except the odds. (Oh, well, I've completely forgtten its presence among the framed series.. :P)

***New Update*** (5th Feb, 2007)

finally fixed for EP5, but the fixed version requires a an additional mod to run, either Moi_shaderPool_EP5SSeu-EP3OFB-Gunmod.rar or Moi_shaderPool_EP0toEP4-EP3OFB-Gunmod.rar (dependent on which highest game version one is running), downloadable here

The original one Numenor_WallWindow_Seamless_Recolour-MoiWavy001set.rar will work for any game version lower than EP5SS.

The new fixed version, Numenor_WallWindow_Seamless_Recolour-MoiWavy001set-EP5.rar, will work in all EP with the previously stated mod.

olde infos
Though File Updated for seasons the breakage of the caustic in EP5-Seasons for some video cards remains. Omg...
a ghostly-vibrating repository-recolour set for the whole Wall-window set. But, there's only 1 file in the set .
Notes suggested by our great ModFather Numenor and hereby I thank him for his fixes:
1. Have to install the "Wall-Window fence" and the main "Wall-Window window" (Numenor_WallWindow_Seamless_Window_main) if don't want the Wall-Window fence to flash blue, which means "missing texture references"
2. users of Gunmod's light mods may need to remove the "shaders.package" from their downloads, if they want to see the wavy effect.
Originally Posted by Numenor
...if the thumbnail is barely visible, it's NOT a bug

File Decompression & Install Tips:
F0. 7-zip has been used to compress the metallic recolours.
F1. unzip the zip downloaded file with zip-supported compressor or above or else by right-clicking and "extract...(whichever way)"
F2. you'll find a file with an extension ".7z" or called 7-zip. just decompress/extract it as if it's "rar" or "zip" when WinRAR >=3.41, 7-zip-manager >=3, IZArc >=3.5, power archiver >=9, ZipGenius >=6 or else... by right-clicking and "extract...(whichever way)"
F3. double click on the sims2pack to open it. To install it with Clean Installer is recommended coz you can choose what to install to avoid unwanted or redundant contents installed into your game system.
F4. Installation of a lot without ensuring the presence of the corresponding terrain paints can be destructive to the lot files.
F5. [No restart of the game] is needed to [install a lot in sims2pack file] and [access the installed lot @ "house bin"]. The trick is by any means to have your neighbourhood screen reload. Say, entering a lot and go back to the neighbourhood screen, or switching to another neighbourhood. After a neighbourhood screen has reloaded, the installed lot will appear in the house bin without the game restart. This is true when the Clean Installer is used.
F6. Floor tiles, wallpapers, terrain paints have to be installed earlier than or at the same time as the lot is installed for them to show up in a lot.
F7. 7-zip, rar and zip are all supported under Wins, Macs and Linuxes.

So, if you find these colours useful, welcome to dl them. But, please not to post any thank post unless there's a problem or any suggestion. Should you feel like to thank, click the "thank" button instead. Thanks for your patience to read through this.

Hopefully, pretty soon, I'll finish some other wall-window set recolours and post them here... ^_^