Testers Wanted- Banking Career (with a custom carpool!)

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Uploaded: 18th Feb 2006 at 11:23 PM
Updated: 6th Jun 2006 at 2:38 PM
Hi guys. Tried Cheese yet?

Anyways... After a lot of failures and dead ends, I've finally managed to make a custom Nightlife car appear as a normal carpool. (Big thanks to jms who allowed me to use his convertable sports car for this- it was one of the only cars that I could get to work...) However...

**Please Read!**

The method I've used to achieve this result is far from perfect. The car does not suffer from bugs, but rather the problem is one of aesthetics. The cars arrival and departure look unusual, as the different subsets are out of sync. It doesn't look stupendously wrong, but it could use more work. The purpose of this thread is so that I can get some feedback on how the car operates in other games, and with different pack combinations installed. If anyone can help me correct the problem of synchronisation, I'd be eternally grateful

The career is based on the business career, and, apart from its descriptions and levels, it is identical. It has a unique guid and will work with all EP's.

The car will not clash with the normal NL car, or the hatchback (on which it is based). It should work for all EP's.

Please also note- at the moment no tutorial is being considered. The method I've used sucks up unique guids like nothing else, so, unless the technique is perfected, it is unlikely that I will use cars for my future careers.

I think that's everything covered (at least I hope so....)

Feedback is massivly appreciated,

SuperFly :baloons: