Delightful Nostalgia

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Uploaded: 21st Feb 2006 at 12:58 PM
Hi Everybody!
Here is my second upload."Delightful Nostalgia" is a free adaptation of victorian style (totally free!).Its another version of a house that I made for several months: "Sweet Blue Victorian" (Its on the Exchange).I worked on it again and made many changes.

Delightful Nostalgia is built on a 4x3 lot and costs 240607 simoleons.Don't worry, Motherlode is very generous...
Your sims can live on the groundfloor and the first floor:I made stealth stairs for them (Thanks to the creators of great tutorials).
- On the groundfloor: Kitchen,blue bathroom,livingroom.
- On the first floor: Pink bathroom and two bedrooms.
The livingroom (downstairs) and the masterbedroom (upstairs) are very large areas.They can easily be subdivided:Its up to you to decide if you prefer to make smaller rooms.

For this house I used a lot of custom content.I can't provide any link because I made it all myself .If you check it you'll read "made by Simsixties".Its just my username on the Exchange.Problem with having two different usernames...
There are many walls and floors and several objects recolors made with SimPE (Thanks to JUST KATHY who created an excellent tutorial for beginners).
Of course the lot is clean.It has nothing more than the needed stuff.

I enjoyed building this house and making stuff for it.Hope that some of you will like it.
P.S.Sorry (sincerely) for my very limited English!