UPDATED 13 MAR 2006 - Community items made buyable on Resi lots (for OfB)

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Uploaded: 11th Mar 2006 at 7:43 PM
Updated: 22nd May 2006 at 8:04 PM
Note: THIS DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY OF THE OBJECTS LISTED. It only makes them buyable from the catalog. Therefore, if you don't have the ep(s) required for some of the objects, don't expect those objects to show in your catalog.

This was made for OfB players, but will work in all game versions.

Formally community-lot-only objects now buyable on resiential lots:
  • Both clothing booths
  • Both dinning podiums (eps 2 & 3)
  • The five food displays
  • Espresso machine cart (ep 1)
  • Public phone booth
  • The four clothing racks
  • Magazine rack
  • Perfume counter display (ep 2)
  • Vending kiosk (ep 1+)
  • Video game counter display
  • Industrial stove (ep 2 or 3)
  • Urinal
  • The ten wall speakers:
    • Pop
    • Classical (ep 2)
    • Metal
    • New Wave (ep 3)
    • Oldies (ep 2)
    • Rap
    • R&B
    • Salsa
    • Shopping (ep 3)
    • Techno
  • Video game rack
  • URBZ video game rack (avaliable on the exchange)
  • The five commercial counters:
    • Club
    • International (ep 3)
    • Loft
    • Modern
    • Storybook (ep 3)
  • The car display (ep 3)
Formally unbuyable objects now buyable on residential and comminity lots:
  • Love potion 8.5 (ep 2)
  • Vamprocillan D (ep 2)
  • Toys from the toy box (None are currently sellable. I'm working on that.):
    • Boat
    • Car
    • Pony
    • Rocketship
Many objects have been put into appropriate places in the catalog. Those that I couldn't find places for are in General\Misc for function sort and Misc\Misc for room sort.

I will only honor requests for Maxis made objects (that includes those on the exchange made by MaxoidMonkey). If you want other custom content added, have the creator post here with their permission. If you want your items added, post here with your permission.

I don't want this on other sites. If I find its been posted on another site, I'll pull it from this site and have it pulled from the other site.