New Jersey Devils Hockey Bedroom set

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Uploaded 14th Mar 2006 at 7:14 AM

I made this bedroom set to use in my game and I thought maybe someone else may like it to so I decided to share. Nothing fancy just something for your teens or college dorm rooms maybe. The set does include a recolor of Boblishman's wallclock, and Echo's 3x4 floor rug. Thanks to both of them for the use of thier meshes for recoloring. If you need the original mesh follow the listed links. Other than that all objects are maxis original objects, the only thing that I believe requires University is the locker. I have all the expansions and its hard to remember what comes with what expasion pack after playing them all for awhile. You will also need the latest CEP files installed for some object recolors to show up in your game.

The set includes:
3x4 floor rug
The jersey wall hanging
Loft Desk
Loft endtable
Devil's pennant
Quaint curtains
Quaint floorlight
Single Loft Bed and Bedding
Double UM Bed and Bedding
sports poster
1 wallpaint
1 carpet

the desk chair and reading chair are maxis, I saw no reason to color them since they matched the set already.

Thanks to Numenor,RGiles,and Quaxi, for bringing us the tools that make creating possible. And to Delphy and all of MTS2 for giving us a place to share our creations. enjoy!