New Update: Star Trek: NCC-1701-A Enterprise

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Uploaded: 21st Mar 2006 at 12:22 PM
Updated: 1st Apr 2006 at 3:25 AM - Flashing terrain problem
Hi everyone again

Update: 01 APR,

Due to game mechanics you need to have the EPs the creator has in order to use a lot. I have all EPs and have applied the OFB patch.

There was a terrain problem (flashing blue) with the early files I posted.
'NCC-1701-A Enterprise' & 'NCC-1701-A Enterprise after OFB patch 1'.
(Thanks to csq246 and others that provided testing and feedback !
Thanks to Niol for highlighting the terrain paint problem !)

I used an early version and spent another 7 hours re-doing the terrain and from reports it appears to be fixed with the latest file.
New Lot file: NCC-1701-A Enterprise Terrain Fix.Sim2Pack
The terrain now differs slightly than that shown, (although pretty similar).

Lastly I am sorry for any inconvience this may have caused those people that downloaded the original files ! :sorry:
(Especially most humble appologies to those on dial-up)

You might also want to check out Xanathon' view screen for the bridge, (came out after lot creation).

Well I have spent four weeks working on my latest project, Enterprise 1701-A.
Even the terrain took me over 20 hours to complete !

Firstly a Huge thanks goes out to Xanathon and his wonderful Star Trek objects !
I guess you could say that this lot is dedicated to him for his contributions to us simming Trekies.
I's also like to thank all the other's work I have drawn on to complete this project.

Before any die hard trekies cough and splutter, I have taken a bit of liberty with the timeline in respect to equipment, (eg: an intrepid class warp core, LCARS displays etc).

The lot size is 5x6 and the lot contains a vehicle and dirveway so it will requires Nightlife to play.
The cost of the lot is $213,529 (Pretty cheap for a starship really)

The Lot's terrain contains a swimmable lake and a 'Cave', with twisiting pathways to get about it.
(Visitors may consider the archway of the cave as the front door).

The ship has an engineering section on two levels in the lower hull,
In a rather tight fit at the back of this section is the Shuttle bay, (this one is deco only).
Ladders from engineering go up to the Nacelles, (the narrow thins at the back of the ship for those that are wondering).
The Nacelles themselves are empty at present (they are only three tiles wide).

The main living section of the ship is in the saucer section.
There are all the things you might expect:
- The Bridge,
- Captains Ready Room and Quarters,
- Senior Ranks Accomodation, (3 single bed rooms)
- Junior Ranks accomodation, (Shared with 3 alcoves with 1 single bed each)
- Mess hall, (kitchen/dining)
- Sick Bay
- Transporter room (where the ships is accessed)
- Brig
- Crew Recreation Lounge

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

The Lot has been checked with Clean Installer and should contain no Hacks.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Due to the Height of the lot it might pay to check out camera mods like that done by GunMod

GunMod's Camera Mod 3.1 -- All Game Versions --

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Included with the lot are the following:

Terrains Created by others:

--- Brasstex ---

--- Cyclonesue ---
cyclonesue Puddle Water
cyclonesue Rock Face
cyclonesue Smooth Lava Rock
cyclonesue Forest Floor
cyclonesue Woodland Grass
cyclonesue Dark Moss

--- Kate (at Parsimonious) ---
Moss and Bark

--- Custom content created by myself ---

6 floors
21 Walls
6 object recolours
- Duds 1701A Picture Frame
- Duds Num Wallwindow Hull +2
- Duds Xanathon Large Console Medical
- Duds Xanathon Large Console Stella
- Duds Lethes Rosette window frame - Deflector
- Duds Lethes Rosette window glass - Deflector

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Now there is a huge list of custom build objects that were used.
I will provide a listing of all the links below...

To save you a lot of trouble I will add an addtional rar file with them all as at 19 Mar 06.
Some of this content may be considered 'Beta' (with associated 'it may cause game problems').
Please consider checking the threads for any updates, further documentation and to thank the creators.
(Note that I will exclude recolours that I didn't use).

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Objects included in the extra file are as follows:

--- Xanathon ---
Star Trek TOS Captains Chair *update*

Forcefield Control Panel - Star Trek Style *UPDATE*

Animated and operatable forcefield (as seen on Star Trek)

Starfleet Desktop Computer - as seen on Voyager *UPDATE!*

Testers wanted: Starfleet Console High *MAJOR UPDATE*

Testers Wanted: Starfleet Console *UPDATE* *RECOLORS*

Intrepid Class Warpcore

Wall-mounted lightpanel *Updated 051905*

Testers wanted: Star Trek TNG Shuttle Type 6 (for the shuttle in the somewhat cramped shuttle bay)

Testers Wanted: Guardian Of Forever UPDATE (I used the low poly one)

Star Trek - TNG Engineering "Pooltable" (animated)

Model of the USS Enterprise - NCC-1701 (TOS)

Model of the Delta Flyer (Star Trek - Voyager)

--- Magick Modders --- (Lethe)
(I used Lethe's Rosette Window for the deflector, yes not very ST like but it lets light in !)
A Midsimmer Night's Dream

--- Numenor ---
(Used for saucer section outer walls and to get the slope of nacelle supports)
"WallWindow" glass set V.3 - *UPD 15 JAN 2006*

Tester Wanted: *Recolourable* Holy Smoke modular stairs

--- Eddief66 ---
(recolours of Numenor stairs, used at base of transporter room for "stealth stairs")
Invisible Holy Smoke Stairs

--- Targa ---
(Use to get up to the Nacelles)
Designer LadderStairs - spacesaver! (2 tiles)

--- Nengi65 ---
(Transparent used as the tops extend a little outside the walls)
Requested: Transparent recolours of Targas Designer Ladder Stairs

--- roddyaleixo ---
(No more concrete/brick driveways !)
Invisible Driveway & Extensions

--- Wintermuteai1 ---
(Nightlife Drivable Vehicle)
Star Trek ShuttleCraft

--- The "Dream Team" ---
(Beds and Dressers for the quarters)
The "Grand Trianon" Arched Bunk Bed (Lower)
The "Grand Trianon" Left-side Cabinet for the Loft Bed
The Grand Trianon Collection

--- darter1234 ---
(To get rid of ugly green toilet dividers!)
Testers Wanted: *EP Update 2-06-05* 4 + 12 Bathroom Astrodividers

--- tkdjunkie ---
Lakeside Pool Accessories
(thanks also to tkdjunkie for his swimable lake tutorial)

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

I used stealth stair techniques to gain entry to the main saucer (through the transporter room), and from the saucer section to Engineering.
More information Steath stairs can be found at the following links:

SimMasterRalph's tutorials,

And Working Elevators by pierrepaulpaquin

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Hope you enjoy

and feel free to rate, thank or comment !