San Jose Sharks Hockey Bedroom for Shannon j

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Uploaded 22nd Mar 2006 at 6:19 PM

This bedroom was a request by Shannon j. The only object that is not a maxis recolor is The 3x4 floor rug by Echo.You will need to follow the link and download the original mesh for the rug to show up. Thanks to Echo for the use of the rug meshes for recoloring! Everything else is maxis objects. You will need University installed for the Locker and maybe the Groovy stuff to show up. I'm not positive about the posters.. Also for many recolors to show in your game you also need the latest CEP files by Numenor installed .

The set includes:
Double UM Bed and Bedding
recolor of Echo's 3x4 floor rug
Groovy Living Chair
Jersey painting x 2
Loft curtains
loft endtable
soccer poster x2
standard dining chair
single loft bed and bedding
loft desk
Groovy floorlight

Thanks to Numenor,Rgiles,and Quaxi for bringing us the tools to make creating possible. And to MTS2 for giving us a place to share our creations.And as always to the Downloadaholics without whom creating would not be necessary at all! Enjoy!