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Sailor Warriors - Moon, Mercury and Mars

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Uploaded: 23rd Mar 2006 at 8:56 PM
My interpretation of sexy Sailors...
I uploaded Sailor Moon some time ago... but changed a few things for my 2nd version... Just to match the other ones!!

Sailor Moon:
* skin and shadow are org. Maxis
* blush made by Sussi
* eyes, liner and haircolour by me
* hairmesh by Guppy_Gabriel
* lips by Helaene
* jewels by Barcelonista

Sailor Mercury:
* skin and hairmesh are org. Maxis
* eyes and haircolour were done by me
* brows are made by Louis
* blush is made by Sussi
* shadow and liner made by Barcelonista
* lips by Serasims
* earrings by peggysims

Sailor Mars:
* skin org. Maxis
* eyes, shadow and haircolour were made by me
* hairmesh by Shannara, found at Sims2Sisters
* liner by Barcelonista
* brows by Louis
* blush by Sussi
* lips by FionaAzreal

The clothes are my recolour of the following meshes:
* T-Shirt by Warlokk
* Skirt by Chriko "Loose Mini Heels"

More to come...