Geordi LaForge's ViSOR (non-deforming!) UPDATE!-Added animated (Cylon) recolour

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Uploaded 24th Mar 2006 at 9:56 PM · Updated 8th Sep 2006 at 8:16 PM by boblishman

Hi Guys

Ok.... I know this is a bit of a 'specialist' item...but it's part of an 'ongoing' project to create correct facial accessories.

I present to you Geordi LaForge's ViSOR.

Ok....nothing 'special' you might think....except for one thing VERY special. It does NOT deform when you change the facial parts of your Sims.

Now, normally, creator-made facial accessories 'distort' (depending on which head, nose, cheeks, eyes you use on your Sim). As Geordi's ViSOR is of such a specifically straight design, I had to find a way around this problem....and (with Numenor's help) I did...!...

The ViSOR DOESN'T matter what you do to your Sim's face or how they change their expressions. ....

Known Issue: I'm still only 'half way through' working out exactly how Maxis' glasses 'work'....and I have still not mastered making them 'stick' to the 'nose' they will not move up and down the face with the nose. They are in a 'fixed' position on the face. If I finally work it out...I'll post an update. If anyone else out there knows the solution to this...please pm me...

Polygon count : 236 (= low= good )

Can be worn by Adult male ONLY.

You will find it in the Glasses section in CAS or Bodyshop or the 'change appearence' screen.

LyricLee has made a great Geordi LaForge Sim especially for this ViSOR (Thanks babe!) .... check out the link on the left of this post...


UPDATE: I suddenly remembered that I could animate this ViSOR ... (I know Geordi's ViSOR is not usually animated in Star Trek....but I thought this recolour might be fun for other characters...

EDIT: Apparently, this ViSOR is a 'Cylon' ViSOR ... :confused: (I'm not a Trekkie...sorry!)



(Thanks and stars always encourage me to make more!)

Recolours: Feel free to post here at MTS2. Do not include the original mesh file in your recolours, .... please put a link back to here.

Lots: DO NOT include this item in any Sim or Lot uploads. You may include it in your screenshots, but please REMOVE this item before packaging and uploading your Sim and/or Lot.

(Both the Bodyshop and CAS screen tooltip have this information in them)

Put a link in your lot upload for people to come to this thread to download it. (This way, they will be getting the most recent version, which may include any updates since you downloadload it.)

Please .... DO NOT CLONE .... or put on pay/donation sites.


It has come to my attention that certain of my objects/accessories are being uploaded to The Exchange and then being 'claimed' as the creation of the uploader. This is both immoral and unfair and totally against my wishes. My objects/accessories take many hours of work, and I upload them here (for free) for you guys to enjoy. I think that the least I deserve for this is 'recognition' as the creator.
I would appreciate your co-operation in reporting this to me (and even better, telling the uploader that they are breaching my legal copyright) if you see it happening.
Thank you [/B]