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"CounterCulture" Modular Kitchen Set *UPD 20mar08*

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Uploaded: 24th Mar 2006 at 11:50 PM
Updated: 20th Mar 2008 at 10:03 PM - Fridge updated to FreeTime
by MaryLou & Numenor

*All* the attachments are located at the end of THIS post, but the description of the various elements are located as follows:
  1. Counters, Islands, Recolours and coordinated Floors -> Post #2
  2. Hanging Modules -> Post #3
  3. Appliances -> Post #4


20 mar 2008 - UPDATE: Fridge
The Fridge now has the FreeTime options "Serve Platter..." and "Prepare for Contest". The updated fridge is included in the archive "CounterCultureSet_Appliances.rar", attached to this post.
(Click image to enlarge)

14 FEB 2008 - BUGFIX: Fridge
Removed tooltip (this time for real! I swear! )
The updated fridge is included in the archive "CounterCultureSet_Appliances.rar", attached to this post.
Read details for this update from Post #4

09 FEB 2008 - ADDED: "Tower cabinets"
The updated versions are included in the archive "CounterCultureSet_HangingModules.rar", attached to this post.
Read details for this update from Post #3

09 FEB 2008 - BUGFIX: Fridge
There was an annoying tooltip, now removed, that showed up when clicking on the fridge.

15 APR 2007 - UPDATED: Fridge (Seasons - "Stock" interaction now works)
The updated versions are included in the archive "CounterCultureSet_Appliances.rar", attached to this post.
Read details for this update from Post #4

31 MAR 2007 - UPDATED: Fridge and Trash Compactor (Seasons interaction now available)

20 OCT 2006 - HUGE UPDATE!
  • UPDATED - Counters and Islands, all of them: PLEASE REDOWNLOAD (info on Post #2)
  • ADDED - Appliances: Multi-Fridge and Multi-Stove (info on Post #4)
  • ADDED - Hanging module: Hanging T-Junction (info on Post #3)
  • ADDED - Recolours: Sun (for top and finish), StripedWood-Vertical and StripedWood-Horizontal (for top only) (info on Post #2)
  • ADDED - Floor: Wood-Sycamorepearl (info on Post #2)
  • ADDED - Global Mod to fix the appearance of the Maxis CounterCulture counters (info on Post #2)
  • ADDED - Collection packages, to easily find the many CounterCulture items (residential and community collections)

17 JUNE 2006 - ADDED: HANGING MODULES (Read details from Post #3)

If you like the "CounterCulture" Modular set, you may be interested also in the "CHEZ MOI" Modular set and the "WAY COOLINARY" Modular set
If you want the "usable corners" feature also on MAXIS counters, go download The SEP (Slot Enable Package)


The "CounterCulture" furniture is kinda boring... right? WRONG!
If you think so, it's because you've never tried our "CounterCulture" Modular Kitchen Set! :D

Your kitchen will never be the same, with this marvellous set of counters, islands, appliances and floors!

Here is what you'll never find in other kitchen sets:

  • [Pic1] [Pic2] [Pic3] You can now connect flawlessly counters, island and bar counters, without ugly "back trims" on the counters, and perfectly pairing the surfaces of the islands and the counters!
  • [Pic4] You can create fancy-shaped islands, mixing and matching the modules (Slim Counter and Islands, Island Top, and even the original Maxis counters) at your heart's content!
  • [Pic5] The appliances are coordinated with the counters, and they are really encased in the counter: no metal panels will be visible!
  • [Pic6] You can finally put small appliances on the corner counter, and make your sims use them!
  • [Pic7] Coordinated flooring is provided along with the set, in both Wood and Marble!

The entire "CounterCulture" Modular set is compatible with any game, from the base game to Seasons.

The "Collection" files are NOT to be put in the Downloads! They go in (Documents)\EA Games\Collections.
All the other files go into your Downloads folder. If you have problems, you'll find all the information you may need in this thread: please read it carefully before asking "Can you post it in ZIP, please?" And when you have read that thread, DON'T ask for zips! :D

The Collections do not contain any object: they are just a list of all the CounterCulture items.
Once installed, you can open the collections from the Buy Mode catalog (click on the icon that looks like a folder) and you will find all the existing collections. Among them, there is the "CounterCulture Set", that groups together all the CCulture items, including the coordinated floors and the Maxis counters.

All the counters and the islands borrow the textures from the original Maxis "CounterCulture" counter: therefore, if you want to recolour our set, just create a recolour for the Maxis counter. On the other hand, every recolour for the Maxis counter that you may already have in your Downloads will be automatically available for the whole "CounterCulture" set.
Only exceptions are the Appliances (Trash compactor and Dishwasher): they have their own texture, that must be recoloured separately.

Our counters and appliances are derived from the Maxis original: in some cases, the poly count of our meshes is slightly lower than the Maxis originals; and in most cases it is greatly lower than Maxis'
In detail, here is the poly count (for each category, we provide a range, min->max):
  • Counters: Faces 239->1411 / Vert 334->1510
  • Slim Islands: Faces 471->1502 / Vert 788->2577
  • Island Tops: Faces 108->456 / Vert 124->1093
  • Appliances: Faces 1165->1570 / Vert 1551->1964

MaryLou for all the meshes and custom textures;
Numenor for animations, usable corners and various "hidden" tweakings...
Maxis for the original CounterCulture counters.

You can freely create recolours, and post them on any site, but DON'T INCLUDE THE MESHES IN YOUR RECOLOURS; post a link to this thread, instead.
You can include this set in lots uploaded to completely free sites (NO EXCHANGE!), as long as you grant credits to MaryLou and Numenor and you provide a link to this thread (not just to MTS2!).