Teen and Adult Serving Wenches

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Uploaded 26th Mar 2006 at 10:19 AM

Hello !

I have 4 Teen and 4 Adult female serving wench outfits for you. Who knows where you will put these apron adorned outfits to use in the game, but I am sure good sim times lay ahead.

I have all games installed on my computer - however the teen outfits are using a Base game form and the Adult Female outfits are on a Nightlife form....so realistically if you just have the original game you should be able to DL and use the Teen ones, and if you don't have O4B yet, but you do have NL, then you ought to be able to DL the adult ones. If you have survived this paragraph, and even better: understood it! ...then you are one cool cat!! :-)

All custom content created by me.

** Please do NOT upload to the exchange or any other site for download. These are not for recolor or editing or reposting in any form anywhere else. Download and enjoy in your game! Thanks.