Sailor Warriors (part II) - Jupiter and Venus

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Uploaded: 26th Mar 2006 at 4:46 PM
Two more of my sexy Sailors... You can find Sailor Moon, Mercury and Mars here
Hope you like them...
More to come...

Sailor Jupiter:
* skin org. Maxis
* eyes, eyeliner and colour of her clothes are made by me
* brows by luis
* blush by Sussi
* lips by Helaene
* earrings by Barcelonista

Sailor Venus:
* skin org. Maxis
* eyes and colour of clothes by me
* brows by luis
* blush by Sussi
* shadow by rose
* eyeliner by Barcelonista
* lips by Helaene

* Jupiter Hair by exnem @
* Venus Hair by Shannara, found at Sims2Sisters
* shirt by Warlokk
* skirt by Chriko "Loose Mini Heels"

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*hugs for you!!