Crate o'Llamaness - Updated for PETS

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Uploaded 28th Mar 2006 at 3:46 AM · Updated 10th Nov 2006 at 12:23 PM by tiggerypum

Have PETS? The backpack has been updated, scroll down to get a new one. Replace your old file with the new file and all should be good.

Do you have a love of Llamas but are afraid your toddlers and teens might be interested in such things as teddy bears, hello kitty and... boys? Fear no more, for the Llama Ensemble is here!

This custom pack comes complete with it's own Llama-Crate made from specially constructed slats, guaranteed never to break or to spill the contents onto the ground. When you open the Llama-Crate, you will be amazed at it's contents. Sifting through the llama shaped packing bits, I came across the following items:

For your teens (and adults) - the girls will love this especially - we have a Llama backpack. Doubly important if their school mascot is the Llama. Now they can show school spirit and carry books around! Comes with 2 main pockets and a hidden one, for those special occasions.

For your toddlers - they will love this llama mirror. Show them the joys of hugging a llama early with this as a substitute! (Please note the correct way to pet a Llama is detailed here - we recommend ages 12 and below practice first)

For the house - impress your hubby/partner/significant other by showing them these wonderful rugs, bed collections and other things to turn your home into the perfect Llama retreat! All items are fireproof, free from stray hairs and are spit-proof too!

For all ages - we have various educational books on the love of llamas, and various llama related topics including how to shave a Llama, how to wipe drool from a Llama and the all important Which End of a Llama should I pet?

If you live in a Llama enabled zone, then we have a special offer for you! For only 49.99, get this Llama crossing sign thrown in (Normally retails at 90). Then your Llamas can cross the road no worries!

Some of these require packages from the following places:

Backpack -
Toddler Mirror -
Working Clock -
Book Display -
Llama Crossing Sign -
Rug (3x4, 2x3, 1x2) -
Grand Trianon Curtains - (you must also have the floor mirror!)

Lethe released a new version of the book display (Mar 30) that faces the correct way; in combination with Numenor's OfB Objects Buyable Hack, you can stock your OfB stores with these books and sell them.

Btw, the bedroom sets match nicely with the Grand Trianon White Recolor here (msg 7) and with the Pink Set here; the llama shown was by suiryuue.