Mountain Cottage - 210,000 § - 5x3 lot

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Uploaded 29th Mar 2006 at 6:15 PM · Updated 29th Mar 2006 at 9:47 PM by LauSim

Summer is coming, so... what about to spend these hot summer months far from our caotic and sultry cities? What's better than mountain when you want to keep your body and your mind cool?

So here it is an awesome 2 storeys mountain cottage for you. It is built in stone picked from the mountains around. Is it on a 5x3 lot, is partially furnished and it costs about 210,000 §:


- Pool
- 2 cars garage
- Master bathroom
- Kitchen + Dining Area
- Large living room
- Study


- 2 bathrooms
- 2 bedrooms
- 1 bonus room (or 3rd bedroom)
- Parlour

Let's check out custom content (it should be all included):

From MTS2

- Thanks to PrincessKoriandr for her beautiful Ralph Lauren wall sets. Here I used:

*Jicama Classic Linen 3 and Jicama Classic Tan 2
*Calico Stripe Set

- Thanks to SwampMama for her Wood Floor Mix. Here I used:

*Twist Rope Flooring
*Louvre Flooring

- Thanks to windkeeper for Lafenetre Nostalgia set. Here I used:

*Lafenetre short window
*Lafenetre round window

- Thanks to hagerks for the fantastic KCrafts Marble Tile Series. Here I used:

*Kc_Marble Tile - Sapphire (floor)
*Kc_Marble Tile 01 - Sapphire (wall)

- Thanks to roddyaleixo for the Invisible driveway

- Thanks to boblishman for his mirrored bookcase

- Thanks to Ailias for hot tub recolor from Gaspard Marble Batroom

From other websites

- Thanks to Komosims for Itaca set and Farm house floor set

- Thanks to Habitations for Mosaic set 6 and Mosaic set 8

- Thanks to Mango Sims for a plant (uhm, don't remember if it is in the home or not. Anyway is included in the Sims2pack).

Uhm, I think I did not forget anything. This lot was cleaned with Sims2Pack Clean Installer, so there should be nothing more than what I listed above.

Some objects, like living room tv, lights and the kitchen column, were placed using the boolProp SnapObjectToGrid false cheat. That's why lights are so well centered in the rooms. Just because sims don't manage them "fisically", they should work fine.

!All EPs required!

Hope you and your sims like it .