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The Llamaputer - *Working* English-Llamish translator *with custom sounds*!

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Uploaded: 1st Apr 2006 at 5:35 PM
Updated: 2nd Apr 2006 at 11:19 AM - April Fool! :)
Fully working English-to-Llamish Translator
*with custom sounds*
by Dynamic Duo (Numenor & Boblishman)

Edit: 02 APR 2006


OK, we confess... We couldn't help but pull another prank on April Fool's day! :D

The Llamaputer itself (the mesh) is real: only, it's a purely decorative object. There are no actual dialogs, translation or custom sound
Btw, compressing a perfectly working automatic translation routine in 450Kb would heave been a real miracle!
If you want to have the Llamaputer (decorative only), download the file "DynamicDuo_Llamaputer_Allgames_col_en.lla" and just rename the ".lla" extension to ".package".
The second file (the fake "dictionary") is actually a BMP file that says "April Fool!"... You don't need it

to all the users that found out what that wicked ".lla" extension was!
Did you liked the Llama2Pack format?


(Original post follows)

Another boundary in the Sims2 modding has been broken!
Finally, we can embed our custom sounds into our creations!

This Llamaputer not only makes a textual translation of any English phrase, but it pronounces the Llamish translation in an audible way!

Just enter any English text in the Input window, and the game will pop up a dialog window containing the textual translation, and also you will actually hear the (custom) sounds associated to that llamish phrase!

The Llamaputer works with any game!

IMPORTANT: the Llamaputer is composed by TWO files, the object itself and a dictionary file (which contains the translation data).
Extract BOTH files to your Downloads folder, in order for the Llamaputer to work properly.

Like all the Dynamic Duo's creations, you can freely recolour this object, and post your recolour anywhere, as long as you give credit to the Dynamic Duo and provide a link to the mesh (i.e. this very thread). DO NO include the mesh in your recolours.
You CAN NOT CLONE nor repost this object on any site, especially the Exchange. You CAN NOT INCLUDE this object in your uploaded lots (you can show it in the screenshots, but please remove it from the lot before uploading).