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Batman Villain - The Phantasm (A Female Grim Reaper)

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Uploaded: 3rd Apr 2006 at 12:54 AM
Updated: 3rd Apr 2006 at 6:34 PM
The Phantasm is undoubtedly one of the coolest Batman the Animated Series villains and here she is for your Simming pleasure.

Andrea Beaumont was the daughter of Carl Beaumont, one of the rich and powerful in Gotham City, but soon fell into the debt of gangsters. While attending college, Andrea met Bruce Wayne at a graveyard while she was visiting her mother's grave, and he was visiting his parents’ grave. The two started dating and fell in love. Their romance grew so serious that Bruce (who has long ago made a vow to fight evil) proposed to her, and she accepted. But fate intervened and Andrea was forced to flee the country with her father after witnessing gangster Salvatore Valestra threaten her father over money he owed.

Several years later, while living in Europe, Andrea returned home to find her father murdered by a gangster who worked for Valestra, and in grief, Andrea vowed vengeance. She trained, and developed weapons and soon took the new identity of The Phantasm.

This download contains:

The Full-Face Makeup
The Eye Colour
The Hood Re-Colour
The Cape Re-Colour
The Outfit

Hope that you enjoy this!

All parts of the outfit are modified Maxis content, the eye colour and full-face makeup are custom content and the skin tone is Maxis content.

The Hood and Cape are re-colours of General Zoi’s excellent Hooded Cloak and Superhero Cape for Child-Adult meshes respectively.

Download the Hooded Cloak mesh here:


It is called HoodPeak.rar

Download the Superhero Cape for Child-Adult here:


It is called SuperheroCape.rar

Don’t forget to hit the ‘Thanks’ button on these sites.

Unless otherwise stated, all custom content is of my own creation.

Please don’t redistribute without credit to Monkshood2005!

I know that she should have a wrist weapon but because I could only find something similar for both wrists I omitted this feature. You could always add Rose's Bloodrayne blades if you feel something destructive needs to be there.

I hope that you enjoy this Sim. Please tell me what you think because I would be grateful for your feedback.