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Fat D's clothes controller (Apartment Life Update August 29th, 2008)

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Uploaded: 14th Apr 2006 at 4:27 PM
Updated: 29th Aug 2008 at 6:16 PM
Apartment Life users use Seasons version with new Apartment EPbit.
Bon Voyage or FreeTime users use Seasons version with Bon Voyage EPbit.

Something new? BHAV mods by Fat D? Is this a dream?
New Seasons version released
No, it's the clothes controller. It allows you to select what sims wear in a room and offers many ways to tell your sims to.

This object is split in four files.
1) fatd-clothescontroller.package - the object itself. It contains the main changing bit as well as the autonomous changing part. The set will not work without this one.
2) fatd-clothescontroller-doormod.package - the door modification. requires 1) and 3). It makes the "Change at door" option on the controller do what it is supposed to. Optional, but contains a nice function. Should trigger before autonomous redress.
3) fatd-clothescontroller-doormod-epbit.package - this little piece ensures compatibility to any previous, current or future EP. Ineffective without 2).
4) fatd-clothescontroller-changerglobal - the final enforcer. Neither the doormod nor the autonomous function can prevent sims from changing clothes inside. This can. Requires 1). Required for any of the "Clothes change within range" option except regular.

EP compatibility:
This object has been tested in an all-EP configuration and should work in any. If you find it doesn't work in yours, here a quick guide to set this up. The conflicting bit will most likely be the doormod, as it is the only hack that is based on an EP-dependant BHAV:
1) Open SimPE 2) Make sure your filetable contains the latest EP and excludes the download folder (default). Rebuild if you changed something.
3) Open the EPBit in SimPE 4) Use the "Import Semi-Globals" feature in SimPE to scan DoorGlobalsNew and import the "Function - Portal - SG".
5) Copy Group and Instance ID from the included BHAV to the newly added one. Commit the change.
6) Give the new BHAV any name. Commit.
7) Delete the old BHAV from the package.
8) Save the file.

Hack info:
The hack will clash with anything that alters the change clothes global 29c (modt Nudist hacks, not Crammyboy's) or the portal function (Dresscode system Global hack by Inge Jones (consider my mod a new version for that one), Pescado's "No unneeded coats" and "Authorized Personell only" older than 5.0). The latter one interferes with the door mod. Removing it removes the conflict, but makes the clothes changing a little less effective (should only matter under rare circumstances).

Object info:
Category: Decorative -> Wall hangings
Mesh: 24 vertices, 12 Faces
Look: Small box with everyday icons on it, sits near the ceiling in the middle of the tile

Moral info:
In respect to concerned parents of minors or those who are offended by simulated nudity, (and because of the odd behaviour when you don't have some hacks from the adult section here installed) the naked option has been hidden in the debug menu. It can be unhidden easily by editing the TTAB if you aren't one of those.

File info:
I use .rar files for the better compression, which helps me, MTS2 and most downloaders. If you don't have a .rar extractor, try this link. If you use Macintosh Operating system 10 (MacOS X) or similar non-windows Sims2-running systems, I am afraid I cannot support you.
However, I can give you a little help others have given.
1) at the WinRAR site they also have an OSX version of the command line tool they ship with their program.
2) A friend of mine reported that StuffIt works fine for him.
3) A user pointed out in a thread that UnrarX can also be used.

Inge Jones for clothes and NPC setup functions and radical mode
Some users at the former Simlogical forums for needing a new clothes changer

I do not claim any copyright on my creations. However, I request (not demand, as I can't) that you do not charge for objects including anything by me and inform me about your creations based on mine and credit me. EA licence applies.

3-24-2007 UTC 19:55 (CET 20:55) - 0.3: Seasons update. Outerwear added and EPBit adjusted.
04-17-2006 1137 UTC
0.2: Added optional version that doesn't go down with walls. It requires the main version to be installed before.
04-21-2006 2227 UTC
0.2a: Fixed major bug that had the door changer function only work when turned off and even then have serious misbehaviour (wrong room assignments). Also it is now enabled for two-tile wide doors and diagonals, making it the first clothing changer for diagonal doors I know of. Thanks, tunaisafish! Also uploaded the optional package i added last time.
04-22-2006 at some time
0.2b: added German translation, nothing really interesting.