The Grand Kursaal - Commercial & Business lot

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Uploaded: 20th Apr 2006 at 2:34 AM
Updated: 1st Oct 2008 at 8:20 PM
Commercial & Business lot

First off, let me say that this lot was not... ehm... freshly made :p
I made the first version, as a commercial lot for the base game, exactly one year ago; and I bestowed it as an exclusive to
Now, with the permission of SpiffySims, I have converted that old base-game lot in an OFB ownable business lot (but obviously it works as a normal community lot, as well).
If you do not own all the three required expansions (UNI, NL and OFB) to run this lot, the Base-Game version can still be found HERE.

And now, on to the details of the current OFB version of the Grand Kursaal

It's a 2-storey Y-shaped building, with a restaurant at ground level and a terrace upstairs. The terrace is partly covered by a weather-proof arched dome made in PVC, mounted on a daring (but graceful) steel supporting structure, resembling an art-deco style. One end of the terrace hosts the concert stage, where customers can play music at their heart content. Also on the terrace you will find the coffee lounge and the relax area.
Downstairs, there is the restaurant hall, two bathrooms and - of course - the kitchen, located behind a wavy full-height decorated glass wall. The podium is conveniently located in the center, so that the host can direct the customers to the tables on ground level; when there are no more spare tables in the restaurant, the host will direct the customers to the tables of the bar area, in front of the orchestra.

The attached rar contains the main Sims2Pack file, which you can conveniently install using the Clean Installer or (ugh! ) the Maxis installer.
The Sims2Pack contains almost anything you need to run the lot (see details below); no hacks are included.
The rar contains also a couple of packages that should be manually copied into the Downloads folder.
IMPORTANT: the attached file DO NOT contain the Band Controller, needed by the included Contrabass to work properly. Since the Controller is to be considered an "hack", I decided not to include it in the RAR. But the lot contains a custom instrument (the Contrabass) that will not work without the Band Controller; therefore, I strongly suggest you to download and install it. But - if you don't like hacks - you can just replace the Contrabass with the Maxis bass.

(Please note that the rar contains also a detailed list of the custom content, that includes the original package names and the long letters-and-numbers names given to the files if you use the Maxis installer: this way, you will always know what to remove from your Downloads in case you want to uninstall the lot).Not included in the RAR (nor strictly required, but suggested):
DO NOT REPOST anywhere this lot, nor any parts/objects/recolours included.