Bender from "Futurama" cartoon series - OFB REQUIRED!

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Uploaded: 21st Apr 2006 at 11:31 PM
"Well I don't have anything else planned for today...


Heeeeeere it is! The most irreverent, human-hating and politically-incorrect robot in the whole universe!

*** BENDER ***
from the "FUTURAMA" cartoon series

When you'll load our Bender in your game, you will wonder whether you are playing the Sims or watching the cartoon on your TV! :D

Of course, the Dynamic Duo couldn't do just "normal" things... Therefore this "sim" isn't a simple "BodyShop" sim: it is a fully funcional "Servo" robot, that will do the chores (reluctanctly ) and play all those nasty tricks that only a human-hating half-drunk robot can do!

First off, again, OFB IS REQUIRED for this download.
Since the Servo robots can NOT be created and exported using BodyShop, but only created in-game, we included our Bender into a small empty lot.
Therefore, you have ton extract the .sims2pack file from the rar and install it using the Clean Installer or (ugh! ) the Maxis installer.
Once the neighborhood is loaded, open the lot catalog (not the sims bin!), and you will find a lot marked with the DynamicDuo logo, and the picture of Bender. Place the lot wherever you like in your neighborhood and you're done.
Obviously, once the lot has been placed in the neighborhood, you can do whatever you want with the Bender sim: you can - for instance - evict him from the lot he came with, and give him a new house, or merge him with an existing family...

The installer does everything automatically, so you don't even need to read these notes; but in case you are curious, the .sims2pack file contains, beside the Bender sim and his empty lot, one package that will be installed in the Downloads, that contains the mesh for Bender's "suit" and all the other physical traits needed to Bender to look correctly (all the genetics and clothings have been packed into one single file, so to keep your Downloads tidy... )

The particular mesh of Bender compelled us to get rid, somehow, of the entire head of the sim. Therefore, we used (and included in the package) a "reduced" version of the Headless Sim by Bink13y.
All the other things (mesh, textures, Servo functions and such) were made by the two of us.

Like all the Dynamic Duo's creations, you CAN NOT CLONE nor repost this sim - nor any of its parts - on any site, especially the Exchange. You CAN NOT INCLUDE this object in your uploaded lots (you can show it in the screenshots, but please remove it from the lot before uploading).