UPDATE "buyable counterfeitingmachine!" Allways money!, no more busted by the cops

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Uploaded 28th Apr 2006 at 12:50 AM · Updated 31st Dec 2012 at 8:44 AM by Phaenoh

Credits to Numenor for looking at the code and Demon001 for pointing out some issues and helping me testing the object:

""Update (5-9-2006): Please redownload""
The rar-file is replaced with a new rar-file. If you downloaded this object, please redownload it and put the content in your downloads folder. It will overwrite the old one.
And solve many issues.
Also in your game, first sell the old one because it still contains conflicting GUID's.
By a mistake i've made with not registering the secondary GUID's with the object, it conflicted with the Aspiration awarded, therefore my appologize, such a failure will not happen in my future objects. I assure!

Expansions that are needed:
*Open for business and University is needed for this object to work properly, otherwise it wont play the animations.
If you got problems with the object, deleting this file in the downloads folder should make everything back to normal
If you got Open For Business this object should work correctly.*

Also available now the Moneypile this object is compatible with all versions and let's you decide how much you want.
If the Counterfeitingmachine doesn't work in your game then i suggest you use this Moneypile, it works for every version and is found here

How does it work:
This counterfeitingmachine is made buyable and can let your sims safely print their money, without getting busted by the police.
It is also made burnproof has a new colour, and does not overwrite the maxis counterfeitingmachine in the aspiration objects.
It only needs one swing from the arm to have infinite money in the bag!
Just grab your cash and it gives you 5,000 § everytime and never runs out of it.

No more Workingdays for your sim just let them have fun.
Kaching or Motherlode typing no more needed with this counterfeither.

You can find it in the catalogue under hobbies/misc and cost 5,750 § but is worth every penny of it.

Little tip if you dont know where to place it in your house: i have put my counterfeitingmachine in my garage next to my car, everytime now i go downtown i first take cash from it and then go downtown.


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If this object doesn't show up in your game, keep in mind you need the OFB expansion for it to show up before you post.
Please let me know what problem you have with it and i will fix it asap.

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Enjoy and have fun!

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