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New Mesh: Elizabeth Hair*Animated*

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Uploaded: 7th May 2006 at 6:22 AM
The mesh is named after a girl that I know in real life. It reminds me of how she wears her hair, sometimes.

This is an animated hair mesh, that works for children-elders. I removed the toddler age completely, so even if you go to recolor it, it won't be there, at all.

There are 16 colors, none that are too..out of the ordinary, closer to regular colors, and seemingly natural. I know I only have pictures of about 6 but there are more, and they look pretty good, I'd say. Hopefully you'll think so. Elders all have grey hair.

Again, not another mesh I'm particularly happy with, but I don't know what you guys are going to think, and hopefully you'll like it. :D

Recolor/Retexture all you want. I'd say that you can edit the mesh, too, but I don't think you can because of the animation thing.. But anyway, do not redistribute the mesh. If you feel that you have to, send me a message asking for permission.

About the picture where the girl is looking into the sky- I accidentally let the game go into night, and took pictures anyway, because I didn't feel like waiting, lol. I edited the picture so its easier to see, so I put both versions. I'm sure you understand what it means.

I hope you like it!