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Maxis "Lost & Found" #20: NH *Animated* Carousel - OFB or FFS or PETS REQUIRED!

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Uploaded: 14th May 2006 at 1:30 AM
Updated: 29th Sep 2007 at 10:35 AM - Added info about Pets
Maxis "Lost & Found" #20: *Animated* Carousel
Neighborhood Object
Open for Business OR Family Fun Stuff OR Pets REQUIRED!

8 JUNE 2006 - Thanks to Troubledgirl, we now know that the Carousel works even if you don't have FFS, but have at least OFB.

29 SEPT 200t - Thanks to Baskar, we now know that the Carousel works even if you don't have FFS nor OFB, but have at least PETS. The ability to see the Neighgborhood objects while in Lot View is limited to OFB, anyway (without OFB, you will see the animated Carousel only in Neighborhood View).


First off, let's thank Simsbaby, that reported me this lost neighborhood object.

This Carousel is an animated neighborhood decoration, that was hidden into the OFB files and also into the FFS and PETS game files. I managed to bring it back into the game catalog, and restoring the original animation created by Maxis for this object. Therefore you need at least one among OFB, FFS and PETS to use this object.

You can find the Carousel in the neighborhood Decorations catalog, into the EFFECTS sub-section. I've created a well-recognizable icon for it, so you shouldn't have difficulties to find it in the catalog

Please note that regardless the icons shown at the end of this post, near the download link, YOU MUST HAVE OFB OR FFS OR PETS in order to use this object.

Note also that the ability to see Neighborhood objects while in Lot View is only available if you have OFB (as fas as I know).