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Two New Makeup Sets:: 1 eye makeup set & 1 blush collection

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Uploaded: 15th May 2006 at 3:15 PM
Updated: 24th Jun 2012 at 4:55 PM - deleting an attachment
Hi There!

I've made 2 new makeup sets - 1 eye makeup set & 1 blush collection.

Both these collections are inspired of Lancôme colors, so the colors are more or less 'real', although you probably won't recognize them

The Eye Makeup Set is called A World Of Shadows (short AWOS) and comes in 14 colors. The colors varies from earthy nuances (for ex. no.01 'Earthpower or no.04 'Spider ashes') to murkishly exuberant colors (for ex. no.03 'Forestal' or no.02 'Gilden Sap') to light and easy nuances (for ex. no.06 'Aventurine Dew' or no.13 'Venus sand') to brightly jaw-dropping colors (for ex. no.07 'Arctic Poison' or no.13 'Venus Soil').

The Blush collection is called White Tea Machinations (short WTM) and also comes in 14 colors. It contains a wide variety of colors that suits every skintone from pale to tanned - but you can also find nuances that suits darker skintones - depending on what warmth base they are made of. You will find all the usual nuances; from pink and soft pink, to peach and beige. There are also some purplish tones in there.

You can find my Rose Petal Collection seen in these previews right here.

Policy and sharing: You are welcome to do whatever you like with the files. Share, recolor, reproduce - just don't make people pay for them in any way or form! Thanks!