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New Robe Mesh for your witches/medieval sims

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Uploaded: 21st May 2006 at 3:08 PM
Updated: 21st Jul 2006 at 8:32 PM - making compatible for elders
Today I upload something a bit different. I tried Tiggerypum's and HystericalParoxysm's great BodyMeshing Tutorial and incredibly it worked - at least after the 4th time, when I noticed I hadn't put the Mesh into my downloads-folder! *claps hand to forehead*

There are actually two Meshes:

- the graduation robe for adult and young adult females (taken from UNI and converted to a normal outfit)
- a longer version of the graduation robe, also for adult and young adult

The graduation Mesh comes only with one recolour from the game.
The long robe Mesh comes with a black recolour by me.
The third file contains two graduation recolours for the long robe.

I did these because there are so few female robe meshes - and if there already is on in the game, why not use it?
Of course you are allowed to recolour, that's what I did them for! Just link back to this thread for the long Robe Mesh. The graduation Mesh (the short one) can be included with your recolours.

Hope you like them and if you do, don't forget to push the thanks button or leave a comment

Look here to get the male, child and teen versions.

I edited the robes to show up in elder-catalog too. Just put the updated.zip into your downloads folder and overwrite the original files.
The zip includes a YA-Elder version of the long black robes and two new recolours (Maxis-black graduation gown and long robe)
Edit: Eliza Blaine wanted a black graduation robe for elders. Here it is: *points to gradrobe_black.zip*