Individual Aging ON/OFF << UPDATED 10/24/2006 <<

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Uploaded: 26th May 2006 at 2:07 PM
Updated: 24th Oct 2006 at 7:12 AM
This will add new option in your sim's pie menus "Aging is ON/OFF" that would allow you to turn on/off aging individually.

- v2.0, Sorry I missed one routine that block this hack from displaying in baby, toddler and child. My plan was to display this hack to baby, toddler, child, teen, adult and elder except visitor, zombie, vampire, servo and young adult.

- MQ_Individual_Aging_Controller_OFB_Local (Local version)
This is how it works:
The Global Age Controller works this way, every 6:00PM it will subtract 1 day from your sim's "age days left".
So what I did before 6:00PM, at 5:00PM my Local version will add 1 day to your sim's "age days left", neat .
And this Local version will not conflict with any other hacks for there is no global BHAVs in here.

File Info:
MQ_Individual_Aging_Controller_v2.0 - for OFB using Global BHAVs and it conflicts with Inteenimater
MQ_Individual_Aging_Controller_OFB_Local - for OFB using Local BHAVs, definitely will not conflict with other hacks but it is using different logic, pls see above.
MQ_Individual_Aging_Controller_NL - for NL using Global BHAVs.


UPLOADED: 10/24/2006
<< >> - for PETS

Sorry if I didnt start a new thread for this object because it's related to Individual Aging.

This is a cloned Moonshot Clock which allows you to setup individual aging for both sim and pet where it uses the same logic as in OFB_Local. Every 10AM(Pet) and 5PM(Sim) it will add one day to your sim and pet age days left to counter the global age controller.

Pie menus:
- Sim's Aging.../sim's name is (ON/OFF)
- Pet's Aging.../pet's name is (ON/OFF)

You can find this object in Electronics/Misc or Electronics/Small Electronics
Pls see clock screenshots.